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Supercup 2014, Levadia-Flora 0-1: le pagelle

Angelo PalmeriComment



Smiśko 6

The Ukrainian giant is basically idle for almost all the first half. In second half the attempts brought to his attention are mainly from set-pieces (corners). He cannot do anything on Begla's feat as the shot is unreachable and unstoppable. He outdoes himself on the Georgian second attempt before final whistle.

Podholjuzin 6,5
If Gussev can only reach the bottom line to bring danger, it's thanks to his discipline in controlling the right side. The duel with Flora nr.20 is quiet fierce with mutual exchange of pleasantries.

Jahhimovitś 6
As predicted, he suffers Prosa's speed. More comfortable when Flora look for their nr 99 with long balls. He must really thank Jaan Roos for sparing him a yellow card on 11' minutes when the game was still young.

Artjunin 7
He is still the authority back there and he showed that. You think he is too tall to be fast, then he grabs 50cm to Prosa to stop his run. The post hit on free-kick will haunt his sleep. <- Rohtla S.V. Brought in when Levadia are already one nil down, he cannot really add anything.

Pikk 6
It was easier with Kruglov. With Raudsepp they have to work together for controlling Sappinen and Jürgenson. The co-work is done well as there are no dangers coming from there.

Subbotin 5
Last year he had a great start of season. Now he looks like the one of 2013 season. He was better in first half with few interesting initiatives.

Antonov 6
Unusually shy in the offensive phase as he probably feels the responsibility to lead the midfield while Kaljumäe covers his back. Rarely involved in one-two's to get into the box.

Kaljumäe 6,5
He prevailed in the midfield thanks to his physical work that had the best over the pint-sized Flora midfielders. <- Marin S.V. just three minutes to bring fresh energies to protect an almost ummanned defence.  

Raudsepp 6
He had to replace Kruglov and El-Husseiny. No one expected him to do wonders as a flanker player. His task was to defend, as explained by Kristal, and he did it well <- Rättel 6,5 He immediately created dangers and hassle to Flora's half. He is quick and skilled and should have been brought earlier. After Hunt left, Levadia must invest on him.

Teever 6,5
The best of the strikers duo. Not only he helps by dropping when needed, but he creates the most dangerous chances for Levadia. His header sent to Toom's hands is a big regret.

Ivanov 5
Looking at his overal performance, the fans have more than one reason to miss Hunt, however it's just one game. He can definitely be better in the finishing part as he showed appreciable things in the supporting job.

Kristal 5
Alright, El-Husseiny out of the game it was not his fault. However he could have given more sharpness to Levadia's attacks in second half by bringing Rättel after the break for the disappointing Ivanov. Rättel tried his best from the left flank in the last 20 minutes, however he could be more dangerous if allowed to operate behind Teever (4-4-1-1). In general Levadia is very well set up on the pitch as usual, however he lacked that extra little bit of braveness to try and win the game earlier and before an individual feat changed it in Flora's favour. The Premium Liiga is starting, immediately a chance to cancel this game.



Toom 7

Great confidence for the 23-year-old from Põlva. The save on Artjunin free-kick was worth a goal when the score was still nailed to 0-0. He is definitely putting distance between Prins and a start for next game (against Lokomotiv Jõhvi away).

Jürgenson 6
He is trying to help Sappinen as much as he can considering that Raudsepp and Pikk are not bringing relevant dangers. He has to balance himself with Aloe following Gussev.

Rähn 7
The 'Estonian Tank' is a defensive bunker placed in the middle of the line and bouncing back any danger brought by Teever. On aerial he is always the first unless Toom comes out with both of his hands. As we claimed last year, Flora needed a few veterans to make a step further. In defence, it seems Rähn can secure that.

Õunap 6
He is called to replace Mets and does a very clean and disciplined job following Rähn's roleguide. Another surprise from the academy.

Aloe 4
It is a shame to give such a negative evaluation after a joyful night and Kevin is one of the most happy after the final whistle. However too many mistakes, both when participating to the build-up and when trying to break Levadia's initiatives. After drinking the champagne, Hurt will have to have a chat with him.

Luigend 5
This is not his role. He performs the task either reluctantly or with inexperience in the role. Holding the ball too much where you cannot. Give him his old role or... . <-Lepistu S.V. brought in by Hurt in prevision of another half an hour of game, he does not have enough time to show himself in the role. In a 4-2-3-1 formation he could partner with Frolov in front of the defence.

Sappinen 5

If he is not as sharp as usual, it's not muchof  his fault but Pikk and Raudsepp did a very good job in containing him. <- Alliku 6 More initiatives than Sappinen. Definitely bringing more concern to Pikk and Raudsepp. 

Beglarashvili 7.5
The best comeback you could ever dream of. This cup belongs to him even though he credited all the team. The game would have smoothly gone into extra time if he had not pulled out this authentic piece of magic. We think he is sacrificed on the midfield line. Hurt needs to change the formation (4-2-3-1) and allow Begla to be more close to the box behind the striker.
With Logua in full fitness for the 90', they will make defences crazy.

Frolov 6
The second half performance was better than the first and earned him half a point. However, he is a bit floating around the lines. Maybe a role in front of the defence in a 4-2-3-1 would be a good start. The foul on Smiśko costing him his second booking was gross.

Gussev 6
He is trying hard on that side, however Podholjuzin is a tough nut to crack. Aloe is not helping him adequately. <- Logua 6,5 He is not 100% fit and you can spot that. However, what he does, it's already enough to bring more unpredictability in the last 20 meters. He finds the right corridor to serve Begla before he blasts the ball over Smiśko head. If Hurt wants to apply 'tiki-taka', he needs someone with a Messiesque change of pace like his.

Prosa 6
He could run twice in the box and hurt Smiśko however he must acknowledge Artjunin's and Pikk's great comeback runs. He is too isolated up front and when Flora are pressured in their half, he cannot fight on long balls against Jahhimovitś.

Hurt 6
As the friendlies against Brondby and Lahti showed, his idea of ball possession can be really stress tested when the oppositions are exerting pressure in the right way. Levadia are able to do that like no one else in the Premium Liiga and Flora have problems in finding spaces. He is more brave than Kristal as he brings in both Logua and Alliku who helped creating superiority in Levadia's half. However, the account of the shots on target is too little meaning that the finishing part in the last 20-25 meters must be improved in order to open up holes in the opposition's walls. There is time to work, meanwhile would be adviceable to try at least another formation to have an alternative.