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Only 45 minutes for Frank Liivak

Angelo PalmeriComment
Panini Liivak.png

Not a great season resume for Frank Liivak who played only the first half of the derby match against Avellino Primavera (4-1 for Napoli Primavera).

It was matchday 13 of the Campionato Nazionale Primavera.

In first half Liivak was employed in the same position as Pandev in the first squad (the Primavera plays with the same formation as Benitez side, 4-2-3-1) however he did not impress with barely a chance in his tally.

In the break Bifulco, the Italy U-17 international, replaced him.

Local media judged his performance quite poorly and also put a question mark on his purchase.


Liivak 5,5: the Estonian attacking flanker is not able to make a difference in Saurini’s squad. It is the umpteenth foreign signing that does not help the ‘Azzurrini’ to rise the bar. He’s got qualities and you can notice, however his game is not continuous, and he does not have an impact in the last 20 meters. In 45’ minutes of play, his only initiative is a shot deflected by Rizzo (Avellino keeper – A.P.) into corner.

A solution would be to move him in front as lonely striker of the 4-2-3-1.
However, Rubino is Saurini’s favourite in that position: 9 goals in total among CNP, Coppa Italia and UEFA Youth League (including one yesterday) and a great entente with teammate Gennaro Tutino, Napoli’s and CNP’s top striker with 11 goals.

It will not be easy.