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Tiina Trutsi scores her first American goal!

Angelo PalmeriComment

When she talked to ‘Rumori’ in March (full interview here), Tiina said she prefers to assist her teammates rather than scoring goals.

Tiina as she appears on South Alabama Jaguars website - click to enlrarge

For certain players, the pleasure of the game is setting up and seeing others celebrating. Tiina Trutsi carries a number (10) that is a synonymous of assisting. Needless to mention all the classy players who have worn it and have set up a myriad of wonderful goals with a skilled pass.

However, scoring goals is not unknown to the former FC Flora midfielder and Estonian international.

In May, before relocating to the US at South Alabama Jaguars, she scored two goals (one from penalty in a cup derby against Levadia). In season 2013 the tally was 5 as in 2012. In 2011, when she was also playing with the 1993-born girls (Tiina is 1994), she scored 24!

Now Tiina can enjoy her first American goal with the jersey of the South Alabama Jaguars. A lob kick past the upcoming goalkeeper in one-on-one situation (see video below).

Jaguars won the game 6-0 also thanks to an early sending off of a Southern Mississippi player that helped Winkworth’s ladies to go past easily the opponents as admitted by the coach himself. ‘I thought we controlled the game and moved the ball around very well’ told the coach to the university club’s website ‘we attacked down the sides of the field a lot more than we've done in recent games, which is something we struggled with last weekend, so I was proud of the girls and how we moved the ball around.