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Valeri Karpin, 'adios' Mallorca

Angelo Palmeri1 Comment

Born in Narva on the 2nd of February 1969, Valeri Karpin has not received the best birthday present for his 46th birthday since RCD Mallorca decided to reach an agreement to terminate his job as coach.
Karpin went through a negative streak of three losses. The club sits 15/22 on the table with 27 points, only 3 adrift the relegation zone.

Therefore, the club's management decided to steer the fortunes and give the job back to Miquel Soler, at Mallorca before Karpin.

Karpin agreed to take 20% of the due compensation (he had another year of contract ahead of himself), an important move for the club since sacking him would have become an expensive decision: 400.000€ penalty. His salary at Mallorca was 200.000€ per year. Karpin will leave happily with 20% of the penalty money.

The former Russian international (72 caps and 17 goals) upon leaving told Spanish press: 'when I came here, the club was a madhouse,' described Karpin the situation he found upon being appointed in August 2014 'now it is a club.'

He was a ‘free agent’ last Summer since Spartak Moscow released him  already in March 2014 following a streak of bad results including a cup exit with Third Division club FC Tosno.

It’s Karpin’s second failure in the coaching career started almost unwillingly in 2009, when he took the caretaker role by replacing Michael Laudrup. The Spartak’s job has never been an easy one in the past 10 years since the Moscow club has won the last national title in 2001.

Valeri Karpin holds an Estonian passport however he will hardly return to Narva where his mother still lives. The former football player has several business activities in Spain.