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5 things we learned from Matchday 5

Angelo PalmeriComment

by Angelo Palmeri

Ken Kallaste was the MOTM on Saturday, a display of power representative of all Kalju's effort (Premium Liiga on Facebook)

Ken Kallaste was the MOTM on Saturday, a display of power representative of all Kalju's effort (Premium Liiga on Facebook)

1.     Kalju power

The 2-0 win in A.LeCoq Arena was not a simple win.

After all, Kalju managed to win with the same result some months ago in September.

However, contrary to that time, Kalju showed a different attitude: attacking the game and playing an attacking game.

Terehhov didn’t make a fuss about Voskoboinikov injury and continued with his new game plan: short passes, vertical moves and continuous overlapping (especially on the left). The high pressing killed Flora by asphyxiation.
Rarely, in the last seasons, we have seen one team exerting such a supremacy over the other.

If it’s not a title bid, it looks like one.

2.     Kes täna võitis? TA-MME-KA!* 

As the power ring in the changing room of Tamme Stadium (see instagram post on the right), it is worth to remark that: this time, Tammeka won.

They were not ordinary three points since the Graduates were taking on the surprise package, Narva Trans, for their first home game in Tartu.

There was enough to make your legs shake, instead Koser’s XI interpreted the game correctly and showed a good game having its veterans, Martin Hurt and Kristian Tiirik, scoring the three goals.

Tiirik’s Zidanesque shot deserves a separate mention.

*Who won today? Tammeka!

Kristian Tiirik goal against Narva Trans

3.     Kristian Tiirik to the national team (?)

Alright, we admit: here we’re really pulling Magnus Pehrsson’s jacket.

However, how can you ignore a guy who’s able to score such a goal (see gif on the right) in his thirties (32)? You don't see so much quality around in this country and even Ingemar Teever was given a chance at the same age. 

Maybe Tirka will not be chosen to play 90’ minutes, however he’s got the numbers to pull out a rabbit from the hat in the last minutes of a match.

There are not so many players in Estonia.  #TiirikKoondisesse 


4.     Paide, we have a problem…

One point in the first five games, this is Paide’s all-time worst start in Premium Liiga since they were promoted (2009).

The second point of the tournament was just few minutes away when Linnameekond lost it all and gave FC Infonet their first seasonal win.

Vjatseslav Zahovaiko has already scored 4 goals (his brace helped Paide to come back before collapsing), meaning half of what Paide’s previous topscorers in the past two season have done.

He is quite likely to reach those 15 goals Meelis Rooba promised.

What is the problem then? The team seems to have drops in concentration during the 90’ and in the crucial moments of the game. Something to work on to avoid Zaho’s effort becoming useless.

We vote for Ira (FC Flora Facebook)

We vote for Ira (FC Flora Facebook)

5.     Flora needs unpredictability in the title race

The ball-possession and tiki-taka style will probably give Flora the cutting edge against most of the Premium Liiga clubs.

However, it seems that for tactically complex games, Flora need the pace and the intelligence of a different player able to change the game, guide his teammates and see the spaces opening.

Luigend has proved he cannot perform well under extreme pressure; Sappinen is the representative of Flora’s youth (together with Tammeka they are the youngest squad – 22 years and 5 months of average age for Hurt’s side); Frolov seems to have lost his role in the XI; Beglarishvili has shown some limits.

The only one who seems able to do that, is Irakli Logua.

Would he be able to play in the middle of the park? It would be an experiment but it’s worth trying since the transfer market is closed for now and Flora are not likely to import such a player from abroad.

Against Kalju, he was the player offering the best initiatives and creating most of the (little) trouble to the Pink Panthers.