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April's fool in Estonian club football

Angelo PalmeriComment

It’s a tradition every year: on 1st of April one cannot really trust the news going around.

Last year we learnt from Postimees that Mario Balotelli had not reached an agreement with Nõmme Kalju and therefore left Tallinn without even talking to the Estonian newspaper.


A year later, Ibrahimovic accepted Kalju’s offer to be part of the Nõmme’s club. He also announced it on Twitter as disclosed by ourselves. However, he will reach Tallinn only in June. Too bad!

Meanwhile we will make go with Tarmo Neemelo.

What else were the spoof news that invaded our timelines on Facebook and Twitter from Estonian clubs?


Alright for the shin protections, but what about the shoes? (

Alright for the shin protections, but what about the shoes?

All started with FC Flora. Actually no, RJK Flora.

The Estonian most-titled club announced on its Facebook page that the decision was made: the club would have changed their name into something more Estonian. It’s obviously a response to Kalju’s partial change of identity (from JK Kalju, to Kalju FC).

However, it was not all.

The club announced the innovative idea of using wooden logs as shin protections in collaboration with Nike.

A good answer from Eastern Estonia came from Lokomotiv Jõhvi announcing that the goalkeepers' training was going to be directed by legendary Mart Poom. A piece of news that might have had Loko’s shot stoppers already rubbing their eyes.


If this sounded enough as a ‘breaking news’ then you must have missed FC Infonet status update: ‘It is official that today Microsoft Corporation has signed a sponsorship contract with FC Infonet. Therefore, starting from the next game, the players of the club will enter the field in a new jersey with the logo of the world famous company’’. FC Infonet or FC Microsoft?

What about the other Premium Liiga clubs?
Silence from Maarjamäe as neither the Facebook page nor the website reported any unlikely news.

Nõmme Kalju shared the status of their facility, Kalju Mängude Maja communicating that their trampolining had been moved to the Parliament House in Toompea where new Prime Minister
, 34-years-old Taavi Rõivas, had already enthusiastically tried it.

True story - click to enlarge (Kalev Facebook)

What might have looked like a 1st of April prank instead was a true story.
Moles invaded Kalev pitch and the artificial turf had several holes that appeared on the ground.

The moles were the ones to play a costly fool.