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Estonian football April Fools

Angelo PalmeriComment

Estonian sense of humour had a chance to rejoice with the usual April fools. Estonian football did not make exception.

Rumori recalls all the fools that took place yesterday…and we confess, we also fooled our readers: the Tallinna SK (Tallinn’s Superclub) will not be created. Sorry, we fooled you lads.

Kiidron: 'makes a smile like if...' (Tammeka Tartu website)

Kiidron: 'makes a smile like if...' (Tammeka Tartu website)


One of the less likely fool was the news of Frank Liivak signing with Tammeka Tartu. Good try Tammeka!

Not that it could not happen.
However, in a 20 years time maybe when the Estonian talent might return to home to conclude his career in his hometown Tartu.

Frank is very ambitious.
In an interview with Õhtuleht appeared this morning, he admitted he aims at playing in La Liga in two years time. Definitely Tammeka cannot match this ambitious plan.
Well played though. The photo with Karel Kiidron is a perfect spoof!

We must admit: this match of pink and green is not so bad... (FC Flora on Facebook)

We must admit: this match of pink and green is not so bad... (FC Flora on Facebook)

Everyone would expect Nõmme Kalju to throw a fool or maybe two. Instead it’s Flora the most active club in Premium Liiga.

First, they launched an unlikely (but captivating) cover of the next FCF Magazine (Flora’s match program) with the Kalju’s Pink Panther ‘naked truth’: ‘I’ve always been a Flora fan,’ confesses the Kalju’s mascotte in the pages of the match program. The full story shall appear on the 11th of April.
Can we really believe that?

Instead it’s not hard to believe that Rauno ‘Curly Devil’ Alliku could have joined the ‘Curly Strings’ an Estonian music ensemble.

Why? Check the picture below and you will understand…

Smile Old Boy, you have another round with the pros!

Smile Old Boy, you have another round with the pros!


Probably this, among the many fools, was the most likely.

Dmitri Skiperski has quit professional football since a long time. He enjoys playing on amateur level with JK Retro, a squad made by former professional players and veterans (among others, former national team coach Tarmo Rüütli) whose representative is former international goalkeeper Toomas Tohver (24 caps).

Skiperski has been the best goalscorer of III.Liiga/North (5th tier) for three years in a row.

Considering the goals drought at FC Infonet (0 goals in 3 games), Aleksandr Pushtov decided to add the club’s sport director to the squad. Seems legit.



They have been relegated last season, however their ambitions haven’t lowered. Kalev announced that they are going to fly to Kuressaare for the away games after reaching an agreement with a local air company. The announcement was given on the official website but was later on removed. Were we really going to believe that?

This is not going to change unfortunately...

This is not going to change unfortunately...


The award of ‘Most Cruel April Fool 2015’ goes to

The Estonian language portal reported that, due to a bureaucratic mistake made by Switzerland, UEFA was going to cancel the 3-0 loss in Lucerne against Switzerland and award Estonian with the three points.
The joke was well built with a lot of technical details (here the Estonian version).

Not all readers took the joke with the right spirit in the many comments that followed...

‘Stupid april fool, I say. It’s a painful subject anyway’

‘You don’t do jokes with this subject!’

‘Very very lame joke’

‘Soccernet, with this stuff you don’t make fools!’

‘I was already hoping

‘F*** s***!’

‘Pehrsson reads Soccernet and says: yeah! I don’t have to worry about being unemployed!’

‘S**** joke!’