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RdS Best XI after 9 matchdays

Angelo PalmeriComment

Which were the best performers of the first quarter of the season?

RdS has been duly choosing its Best XI at each matchday:

Matchday 1
Matchday 2
Matchday 3
Matchday 4
Matchday 5
Matchday 6
Matchday 7
Matchday 8

Matchday 9 Best XI you can find in the box on the right.

How to make a Best XI for the first quarter of the season?

Obviously all choices are subjective.

Our editing team has been sharing views and opinions about who shall be in the Best XI every week and who not. Some objective criterias have been taken into consideration (goals scored, assists, clean sheets etc.). In order to provide the best possible choice of a comprehensive XI for the first part of season, we are trying to apply a method:

- each player chosen in the 'Best XI' every week, gets 1 point
- each player chosen as substitute (there are five each week), gets 0,5 points

According to the tables that came up during the past 9 matchdays, this is the Best XI so far:

RdS Best XI after 1/4 of the season