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Bondarenko: 'there's no space for Tarajev in football!'

Angelo PalmeriComment

He got seriously mad on Friday.

The referee performance left him disappointed, to say the least. At the end of the game, in the heat of the moment, he did not restrain his words.

Valeri Bondarenko was an overflow of (negative) emotions against the Trans-FC Infonet game director, Roomer Tarajev.

The words released to and reported by other Estonian media were not misunderstandable:

‘’The referee ruined everything’’

‘’His decisions damaged our team. I don’t want to hide this. The referee taunted us. It was brutal’’

‘’I don’t say this was something connected to skills, these were aware deeds aimed at damaging our team. What he did today on the pitch, it was conditioned by those deeds. To be honest, I don’t want to see this referee on the pitch any longer, I want to say that there’s no place in football for this kind of referees’’

What provoked Bondarenko’s harsh criticism against Roomer Tarajev?

RdS has managed to receive the video of the game and offer you a special ‘moviola’ of all the episodes Bondarenko has been blaming Tarajev of.

We have analyzed the episodes with the help of a former Italian referee whose identity will be undisclosed. We will call him simply as 'Arbitro' - the Italian word for referee.

Here is a video of all the 9 episodes, our commentary together with the Arbitro's point view is run after.

First-half episodes

9'  foul on Manucho

The FC Infonet striker tries to go past Vitali Andrejev however his attempt of passis blocked with the chest by the nr.2. With the ball back into play, Manucho is quick in conquering it and defending with his body from Siim Tenno. The Tartu-born nr.21 is holding Manucho's arms a bit, however nothing serious and for a prolonged time span, one of those normal body contacts that referees let play. Meanwhile, Fjodorov, nr.13, joins to help Tenno winning the ball from Manucho. The first attempt is clean (he actually hits Tenno with his hip). What grabbed Tarajev's attention was probably the second attempt when Manucho goes on the floor. After watching it several times, it doesn't seem that Fjodorov hits Manucho and makes him lose the balance, however the nr.13 previous impetuosity might have influenced Tarajev's decision. 
A 50-50 decision.

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘it’s definitely a foul, correct decision by Tarajev’

26’ foul on Lipin

Another episode on the Narva right flank with Fjodorov again protagonist. This time it happens under Bondarenko’s eyes and the 61-years-old coach reaches the touchline and shouts at the referee. Was he right to be mad?
The impression is Fjodorov manages to clinch the ball away from Lipin after having pressured Mones (who was even trying to hold his run). No foul whatsoever here.

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘it’s not a foul, he is not pushing Lipin, Fjodorov is just leaning with his arm

42’ foul on Manucho and first yellow card for Pavel Avdeev

Deep ball sent from Infonet half to Manucho in the front line. The Ivorian striker tries to turn and free himselfs from Trans’ nr.4, however he falls on the ground.
Unfortunately the picture is not very clear: first we cannot see when the foul starts and second the sunlight makes the picture blurry making us unable to understand whether a foul was committed.

What is our Arbitro saying?

Arbitro’s opinion: even though the picture is not clear, I would say from my experience that it’s 100% yellow card. Avdeev is coming from behind with no intention of catching the ball'

43’ foul on Harin (previous push on Fjodorov by Manucho not sanctioned)

Just one minute later, another situation on Narva’s left flank.
Evgeni Harin receives the ball from Manucho and is about to leave Andrejev on the place. The Trans’ nr.2 can only resort to trip him. This is a foul, no doubt about that.

However, one second before, Manucho had pushed Fjodorov away with his elbow using excessive power. This foul had to be sanctioned.


Arbitro’s opinion: ‘the referee read well the situation, it was a foul by Andrejev. In the previous episode, Manucho is using his power with his body, however I don’t think it’s excessive’

Second-half episodes

53’ foul on Siim Tenno by Manucho
Siim Tenno (21) receives a ball from a short free kick. He gets rid of the ball before Manucho his on him. Once Miśins receives the ball, Tenno is not anymore in the camera vision field. All we can hear is Tenno screaming as being touched hard by Manucho.
Knowing Tenno is not quite prone to diving, we would assume Manucho really touched him hard, however the video evidence is not clear. We can also assume Tarajev gives an advantage to Narva Trans holding the ball, however usually the advantage shall be given when the ball is played forward, not backward as Miśins and Sheviakov (17, who eventually loses the ball) do.
We can only assume what Manucho did from Tenno gesture while talking to the referee and showing that he has elbowed him.

In the same frame, Tarajev stops the game for a foul on Manucho, probably a results of frustration in Narva Trans players for the previous foul not sanctioned.
It looks like Tarajev has lost the touch of the game for this while.

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘I think Tarajev did not spot this situation at all, so there’s no advantage given: he simply doesn’t notice the episode. Had he seen it, a free-kick should have been given to Narva Trans.
The foul on Manucho is well spot, however it’s in the developments of the same action that led to Tenno being fouled.’

68’ Manucho foul on Irie
Maksim Lipin takes a corner for FC Infonet on Narva’s right hand side. The ball is sent precisely into the box in front of Lepmets. Manucho tries to reach the ball but Irie anticipates him, another corner kick taken by Lipin. On the second corner Irie is again marking Manucho who goes higher seemingly using his elbow. Irie goes on the floor but Tarajev opts for the goalkeeper’s throw without sanctioning anything here. What is the Arbitro’s say on this episode?

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘no foul, Manucho is just physically overwhelming’

81’ foul on Manucho and card for Roman Nesterovski

In this situation the camera is also moving quickly and the exact frame when Manucho stops the ball and tries to turn is unclear. We have to assume referee’s position was good for judging the frame.

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘it’s a foul and it’s a yellow card. Tarajev has been consistent with the previous episode. Bravo!’

81’ foul on Manucho by Irie

Few seconds later, on the development of the same free-kick assigned for Nesterovski foul on Manucho, Tarajev assigns another free-kick to FC Infonet as assumingly Irie fouls Manucho in the air. Following the decision, you can hear the inflamed reaction of Trans’ dugout. Was Tarajev’s decision correct?
According to our replay of the action, it wouldn’t seem so. Irie is trying to go high to reach the ball, Manucho makes him lose balance with his hip. It was rather a foul by Manucho and not viceversa.


Arbitro’s opinion: ‘I agree with you on this one: it was a foul on Irie not on Manucho! I cannot understand how Tarajev is so close and doesn’t spot that. It was a simple situation to read, but he took the opposite decision, I don’t understand…’

87’ Avdeev second booking

Long ball from Infonet defence. As usual Manucho is there to fight with Trans’ defence. Avdeev is ready to bounce it back in the air. The impression is that the Narva Trans defender jumps first without using Manucho’s body. The contact eventually occurs later when Avdeev is coming down. A bit of hesitation from Tarajev before stopping the game, granting the free-kick to FC Infonet and showing Avdeev his second yellow card. In our opinion it doesn’t look like a foul committed on the Ivorian striker. 

Arbitro’s opinion: ‘It’s not a foul! There’s nothing at all here! And actually, I see again Manucho using his hip to make Avdeev losing his balance (as it happened on Irie’s episode above). Probably the yellow card is not for the foul, but for Avdeev complaining. It was not a foul, and usual for offending the referee, you get a straight red: here I spot a double mistake from Tarajev. Unfortunately he has spoiled the game with 3 mistakes in a row in favour of FC Infonet at the very end of the game and this might explain Narva Trans’ reaction in the aftermath’

On a side note, a few seconds earlier in the same action that brought to Andrejev's second booking, Manucho had used his elbow on Avdeev as we can see from the slow-motion frame below.
According to our 'Arbitro', however, it was not a relevant foul committed by the Ivorian striker therefore Tarajev let play correctly.