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The 'Champions' XI

Angelo Palmeri2 Comments

With football season wrapping up all over the European continent, it is time for verdicts in each domestic league.

Several Estonian players do play abroad and, in some cases, they have also managed to reach this achievement.

It is not a common one although, as only 12 Estonian players have managed to win a domestic title abroad.

We have put them together in an ideal starting XI with one substitute, Jarmo Ahjupera, who won the title with Györ ETO in 2012-13.

The line-up includes also the only woman who has ever achieved a domestic title: Pille Raadik, defender at Aland United, in the Finnish women top-flight. At the club since 2011, she managed to win the title in 2013 with the Finnish island club.

Ojamaa (left in top picture) celebrating the title in Warsaw (Facebook)

Ojamaa (left in top picture) celebrating the title in Warsaw (Facebook)

There are many familiar names from the ‘Eesti Koondis’ (Estonian national team): Sergei Pareiko between the sticks; Taavi Rähn, Igor Morozov and Ragnar Klavan in the defensive line; Joel Lindpere, Ats Purje, Tarmo Kink and Henrik Ojamaa in midfied and forward lines. There are also two retired footballers: Urmas Rooba (70 caps as international and one goal and three-time Champions with FC Kobenhavn, the most-titled abroad) and Sergei Terehhov, who nailed the boots just last season becoming Nõmme Kalju sport director as main role.

Morozov and Ojamaa are the new-comers of this special group as they clinched the title with Debreceni VSC and Legia Warszawa at the end of this season.