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Premium Liiga, the clip presentation that brings you around Estonia

Angelo PalmeriComment

It takes a little to bring good marketing also in a small league as the Premium Liiga. All you need it is good people with good ideas and the best means. Estonian FA, Premium Liiga development area and ERR Sport have launched the clip presentation of the 2014 Premium Liiga.

If you have never seen Estonia, it is a good chance to discover the Baltic country via its Premium Liiga football.

In fact, each club is represented through one of their most representative players in a spot of the city, town or district where the club is from.

Obviously, the first to start are Levadia with Rimo Hunt, the 2013 Best Player according to RdS readers.

Rimo has left for Kazakhstan, however his smile in the Tallinn’s skyline dusk opens one of the coolest clips seen in recent years in the Estonian football environment.

Rimo does a couple of tekkers in front of the Pirita gulf viewed from the Maarjamäe hill and then picks out a pass for Nõmme Kalju’s captain, Alo Bärengrub.
Alo stops it with the chest and after a few tekkers under the shadow of the Glehn Castle embedded in the Nõmme forest hills, he shoots it straight to Sillamäe where striker Vjatseslav Zahovaiko is ready to take care of from the stepstairs of Mere Puiestee. He pushes the ball a little bit more east where Tanel Tamberg is ready to play it from a Narva viewpoint platform.
You can see Narva castle on the left facing the Ivangorod fortress on the right, the twin cities on the Estonia-Russia border running on the Narva river.

Another kick around Ida-Virumaa and the ball is sent to Jõhvi where 
Kevin Kaivoja represents the newly promoted Lokomotiv. The young players, with a magic trick, simply hands the ball over to Tallinn, where Kalev’s goalkeeper, Daniil Savitsky is ready to grab it and throw it from Kalev Central Stadium straight into Tallinn’s Old Town square where Flora’s Karol Mets is ready to receive it. The young Flora defender kicks it over his head to reach FC Infonet’s Manucho handling it on a pedestrian bridge of the Lasnamäe channel street. The Ivorian striker does a few tekkers and then pushes it to the heart of Estonia where Paide’s Andrei Veis is ready to take it. Behind him, Paide’s Livonian Knights Order fortress.

It takes him only a long shot from Paide to reach Tartu (just 100km...) where Tammeka’s captain, Kristian Tiirik, is ready to stop it in front of the famous ‘kissing students’ fountain monument in the City Council square of the University town.

Did you enjoy the trip around Estonia with football?

You will be able to enjoy the Premium Liiga live on 
ETV channel and through our Match Reports on RdS!

Kick-off on the 1st of March!