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Disgust in Macedonia: fan loses a hand with hand-grenade ***strong content inside***

Angelo PalmeriComment

In some countries turmoil at football venues is almost a rule.

Brawls between ‘ultras’, charges by police, smokebombs, tear gas etc. we can say we have seen almost everything. Until the point these scenes have been commonly labelled as ‘football guerrilla’ even though they have very little to do with football and more with a criminal approach to the game.

However, we have probably never seen something like this and we hope not to see it again.

It is the Pelister Bitola vs. Vardar Skopje game, one of the hottest in the Balkans as the two Macedonian sides give life to the ‘Macedonian Derby’.

If Wikipedia says ‘(it) used to be biggest and most violent match in Macedonia’  what happened yesterday brings the game back to his inglorious splendour and urge an update: it still is.

The derby, to stick to a purely football piece of news, was won by Vardar Skopje thanks to Filip Petrov winner on 50th minute.

However, what will make this game stay in the negative tally of the challenge, it was what happened after 90-minute whistle when Macedonian police entered the Vardar’s fans (‘Komiti’) sector and started to beat them. The reasons for their decision are unknown according to our Deni Delev, at the moment in his native Macedonia on holidays.

It is a huge thing here' told Deni over the phone this morning 'they are trying to figure out if the police were brutal or the fans just lost their minds. There are always incidents during these derby games'

During the incidents, a policeman dropped his stun grenade.

One of the ‘Komiti’ fans tried to pick it up to probably throw it away. The result is what you can see in the picture below.