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Omar El-Hussieny: success in Europe comes from success in Premium Liiga

Angelo PalmeriComment

Omar, it is your second season in Estonia. You won basically everything and on Tuesday (interview was made on Friday –edit) there is a chance to win also the Supercup.
What is your motivation for the upcoming season?

Prevailing is always the motivation. As everyone says, getting on top is hard but staying there is harder (Levadia won their second title in a row in the past two seasons –edit)

Omar El-Hussieny in our illustration prepared by Riccardo D'Agnese 

Omar El-Hussieny in our illustration prepared by Riccardo D'Agnese 

We can say Levadia has changed a lot its squad. Compared to last season, I counted about only 10-11 players who are left from the previous group and half of the starting XI is different. Will it be easier to focus on the short-term European campaign rather than winning the title again in the long run?

Of course we will be thinking about Europe, however I think it’s a bit early to focus on that now. We need to have a good start in Premium Liiga in order to get a momentum which would help us doing something good in Europe. We have indeed many new players, but we need to make them blend, get used to our playing style and our targets…let’s see how it goes by the Summer.

Which of the opponents has strengthened the most?

I cannot say there is only one. Many have made good signings and been trying to become stronger and better than last season. We have to keep all of them in mind. I would say the teams who were competing (for the title –edit) last season will be in same position, maybe another team will add, let’s see.

Omar in action against Narva Trans last season (

Omar in action against Narva Trans last season (

Coming to you. When we met last season for a longer interview (you can find it here –edit) you told me that would have been looking for playing elsewhere in Europe. How did your search go? Did you get some invitations?

I did get indeed. I tried to get to the bottom of it, thinking what would be the real outcome because I just had a baby (Omar’s babygirl is just two months old –edit) therefore it is kind of hard to move from one country to the other with such a small creature as it’s not comfortable and easy. Hence I thought to stay for one more season and we will see how it goes.

Can you tell us where the invitations came from?

I won’t make any names of clubs, that should be done when things are official. However, I can say they came from Poland.

Thank you Omar and good luck for the upcoming season!