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FC Flora vs. Kalev Tallinn match preview

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Focus on Flora (2/10, 76pts)
The last home game is expected to be a party. The club has planned to dedicate this to the fans. With 763 people average per game at the A.LeCoq Arena, it is clear that the white-green fans will take the 'title' off Tammeka fans' hands (357 last season their average). The game against Kalev will probably not improve the numbers considering the weight of the opponent, however will guarantee entertainment for 90' minutes with the home team more than able to bag at least 5-6 goals against the relegated Tallinn's side. Nice way to end the season at home with the very high chance to be on top of the table for 24h until Levadia will kick-off on Sunday their game against Lokomotiv.

During the week the club signed 29-year-old international Gert Kams who returned home from Finland (SJK) as he was not anymore in the club's plans for the future. Kams cannot be registered for this season and is basically 2015 first signing of the club. Together with Mosnikov and Rähn he will form Flora's circle of veterans for next season (provided the latters won't find a contract abroad before March).

Injuries and Suspensions
The infirmary is empty and no player is suspended. Considering Flora will travel to Sillamäe next weekend for a deadly clash against the Eastern Estonia club, Luigend, Beglarishvili and Mosnikov must be very careful in not picking up a card that would cost them a suspension. Considering the kind of opponent, Hurt might opt for a reasonable rotation and even award some second team players to have a go at their future opponents in Esiliiga.

Key man: Irakly Logua
Provided Hurt will not replace him either, the Russian left winger can give Kalev one of their worst afternoons this season. His speed and skills have everything to embarass the slow and uninspired Kalev's backline.

Focus on Tallinna Kalev (10/10, 12pts)
Last season the verdict was finally spoken: Kalev are officially relegated to Esiliiga. Not that we needed that for being assured. Their destiny was already clear after Lokomotiv won them in Tallinn (0-3) and jumped on the 9th place pushing them in the bottom. The game against Flora will just serve to make their numbers worse. They won't beat Ajax Lasnamäe record of suffered goals (192!) however they will certainly get in the top 10 of the worst team ever seen in the Estonian top-flight.

Injuries and Suspensions
No one is either injured or suspended, but does it really matter? Heintare, Koger and Karpov are all one card away from suspension. I guess they won't cry their heart out if the will miss the last home game against FC Infonet next week.

Key man: -

Flora won in Narva with classical 4-2-3-1. Same formation for Kalev thrashed 7-0 by Kalju (

Flora won in Narva with classical 4-2-3-1. Same formation for Kalev thrashed 7-0 by Kalju (

Tactical Keys

No wits to be suggested in this game. Kalev are just going to be pushed against the corner and punched like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV by Ivan Drago. However, there will not be any Rocky Balboa to take revenge.

FC Flora vs. Kalev HEAD-TO-HEAD
(last 6 Premium Liiga Matches via

Flora’s wins: 5
Draws: 1
Kalev's wins: 0
Goals scored by Flora: 21
Goals scored by Kalev: 5
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Flora's rows: Albert Prosa (CF) 85 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalev's rows: Lasha Omanidze (CF) 6 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1         1.01
X     15.50
2    40.50

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The match will be directed by Roomer Tarajev.
117 games for the Estonian referee with almost 500 yellow cards shown (496, 4,23 per game). 35 red cards in total: 18 for a double booking and 17 straight red.

Info about the game

Kick-off on Saturday the 1st of November at 16:00 EET (15:00 CET).

Entrance to A.LeCoq Arena is 4€.
The 50% discount is for students, kids up to 12 years old and pensioners. 

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Additionally, the game will be broadcast on Estonian public TV (live streaming available here)