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INFOGRAPHICS: Flora vs. Kalju, the history

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Who is the Flora-Kalju Derby topscorer? How many foreigners have netted a goal? What is the total amount of goals scored? How many times the two clubs have challenged in Premium Liiga? Has an own-goal ever been scored?

While approaching the big derby that will be worth a title, one of these questions might buzz into your head.

‘Rumori’ gets all the facts straight with the help of the Estonian FA website and brings you all the relevant numbers in the following infographics.

From digging the statistics, we have learned that, so far, this is the season in which the least goals have been scored in the confrontation: only 4 (2 each)

At the moment, it is less than the negative record from 2012 (6 goals in 4 games).

The positive record was set in the first season, 2008, when 17 goals were scored in the four games with Flora netting 15 times!

In the remaining seasons, this is the distribution of the goals:

2009 - 10 (Flora 6, Kalju 4)
2010 - 13 (Flora 9, Kalju 4)
2011 - 11 (Flora 5, Kalju 6)
2012 - 6 (Flora 2, Kalju 4)
2013 - 15 (Flora 6, Kalju 9)

Click on each table below to check further figures of the Flora-Kalju derby history.

- Face-Off
- Goals
- Derby People
- A.LeCoq Arena

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* 4 continents: Europe (Finland, Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal) Africa (Ivory Coast, Gambia) Asia (Japan) Americas (Brazil, Cuba).

** Henri Anier is at FC Erzgebirge Aue (GER) whereas Vladimir Voskoboinikov at Qingdao Hainiu (CHN)

In bold players still in the squad, italics for foreigners:

FLORA (43 goals)
Anier (5), Ahjupera, Post (4); Kasimir, Alliku, Vunk, Prosa (3); Palatu, Minkenen (2); HakolaBeglarishvili, Kallaste, Kams, Konsa, Mośnikov, Reintam, Jahhimovitś, Jürgenson, Dupikov, Mashichev, Luts, van de Streek, Logua (1) 

KALJU (29 goals)
Voskoboinikov (5); Neemelo (3); Teever, Jevdokimov, Gutierrez, Wakui, Ceesay (2); Balbinot, Maccari, Nunes, Shuhanau, Manucho, Kallaste, Viikmäe, Toomet, Quintieri, Rodrigues (1); one own goal by Vanna (FLO)

NB! Ahjupera, Vunk and Reintam are in Kalju squad now.

*** Remaining foreign goalscorers (all one goal):
Hakola (FIN), Beglarishvili (GEO) van de Streek (NED), Logua (RUS)
Balbinot, Maccari, Nunes (BRA), Shuhanau (BLR) Manucho (CIV), Quintieri (ITA), Rodrigues (POR)

**** Three Flora home games have been played on artificial turf in Sportland Arena in 2008, 2012 and 2013: 2 wins for Flora (both 1-0 score) and 1 draw (1-1, the very first clash between the two clubs on the 8th of March 2008 - scorecard here)

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