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FC Flora vs. Nõmme Kalju 0-2, players ratings

Angelo PalmeriComment

Match report for this game here.

FLORA (4-2-3-1 / 4-1-4-1)

Prins 6

Not much to do in first half and good control of the ball in the air on set pieces. He comes out of the box in the right moment when Rähn back pass is too slow at start of second half. Not guilty if Neemelo is left alone to tap in.

Baranov 5,5
Nikita supports Alliku push on the left trying to overlap like old times but Wakui was placed by Igor Prins to stop his way. He messes with Jürgenson when covering on Puri assisting for the free Neemelo.

Mets 6
Not much work in first half as Neemelo goes all over the field to run after the ball and he can bring the challenge out of the box. At start of the second half, he misses a header in the box, apparently because of the sun. Luckily for him Neemelo was not ready. Much better on 55’ minutes when he is there to rebound Kallaste’s cross.

Rähn 5
No big dangers in first half when he also tries to venture himself  for aerial game in Kalju’s box on set-pieces. In the start of second, his back pass to Neemelo is making Flora fans shivering. He looks at the ball while Neemelo goes undisturbed to score the 2-0.

Jürgenson 5,5
A fair game on the opposite flank ruined by the defensive blunder in cooperation with Baranov.

Frolov 5,5
Nothing terrible but nothing remarkable. It was only his second game after returning from the injury that sidelined him for a couple of months. Never easy.

Lepistu 6
He is the one who tries to put more order of the defensive pair. It should be also said that Vunk left him more space in order to cover the defence better. After collecting a card, he is very cautious until Hurt replaces him with Sappinen for a more offensive set-up. -> Sappinen s.v.

Alliku 7
The player most in form of his side. His teammates immediately look for him on the right flank. On 5’ minutes he has the space open to shoot or go closer to the box but he wastes time in another dribbling and Kalju defence can recover. Definitely the most active of the striker line. Compelled Rodrigues and Kallaste to commit foul and collect a booking. Changed with Sobtchenko as he leaves the pitch limping. Man of the match for Flora.  -> Sobtchenko 4 One single mistake compromised the entire game. Quite inexplicable the choice by Hurt to send him in such a game instead of Aloe for the final fifteen minutes. He is behind Kallaste when Baranov was controlling Wakui. He should have been in front ready to anticipate the Kalju left full-back or cover the space.

Beglarishvili 5
Well below his standards, however, this has been Zakaria this season: one game on and one game off. Unfortunately he is off for the most important game of the season that cost Flora the leadership in favour of Levadia.

Logua 4,5
Very little and that little has nothing to do with the quality he has made us accustomde to. You realize how Gussev (injured) would have been important for this game. The change with Post comes even too late. -> Post s.v. 

Prosa 5
He is well controlled by Kalju's defence and produces very little and he is not the usual sting in the back line of the oppositions. There've been better days.

Hurt 5
He probably risked too much in letting Sobtchenko in the final minutes. He should have brought Logua out much earlier and keep the same 4-2-3-1 with Prosa on the left and Post up front. Very unusual for him to bring changes so late. In derby characterized by the stalemate, he could have made a difference with those.

KALJU (4-2-3-1)

Teleś 6
As Prins, not much work to do and safe in the air during the whole game.

Mööl 6
Last game before serving in the army. He has a good control of Logua who is not the usual player admired in the past season. Good luck private Karl!

Rodrigues 6,5
He directs the defence from his position giving instructions also to full-backs, Kallaste especially. Not only he covers centrally, but sometimes needs to cover for Kallaste on the transitions. He picks a card in the right moment to break a Flora counter in second half.

Bärengrub 6,5
Good work with Rodrigues in defending the box from any danger coming centrally (little). Heaven-sent when he stops Beglarishvili on a Flora counter in second half as Reginald loses the ball.

Kallaste 6,5
His second half of the game was better than the first also thanks to Alliku finishing the fuel little by little. Covered by Puri, he goes frequently on his forays. Collects the penalty that opens Kalju's way to the three points and to an amazing end of season.

Reginald 6,5
Really everywhere in the midfield, commits very few mistakes and wins the duel with Frolov. 

Vunk 6
Very careful in covering the back line and reducing the gap when Flora come forward.

Puri 6
Good pressure on the right, however lacks quality to send anything remarkable in the box. Good supporting work in second half for Kallaste pushing more.

Wakui 6
He has switched position with Nunes several times in order to stop the Alliku-Baranov train. The defensive job takes finishing energies away from him and brings a yellow card that will make him miss the derby against Levadia next week. Cold blood when taking a season-worth penalty.

Nunes 5
Moved from left to trequartista role and return several times, he doesn't seem to be in one his best days as he loses the ball very often and tries always the most complicated solution.

Neemelo 7
A lot of dirty job during the whole game with the prize of the 11th seasonal goal, kind gift of the sleepy Flora defence. We agree with ETV giving him the mug of MOTM.

Prins 6,5
Igor and his 'all-in' attitude this time paid off. He sent three men to warm up and brought in any of them. As usual in these tight derbies, the final score is determined by an episode and this time it was in favour of Kalju. He had patience in letting Alliku's fuel run out to release Kallaste on the left flank. Hazardous attitude. Next week he will have to invent something to replace his samurai. Nunes had to be changed earlier and ended up serving the right ball to Puri assisting Neemelo. Goddess fortune in pink.