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INFOGRAPHICS: Flora vs Levadia, the history

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Last season Rumori renamed the Flora-Levadia derby as ‘Tallinn El Clasico’.

We were ought to do so since this is the oldest and most played rivalry in the city of Tallinn since 1991.

The two clubs clashed for the first time in 1999, when Levadia were promoted to Premium Liiga (still Meistriliiga back then) and Flora (till then almighty protagonist of the Estonian football with 4 titles in 8 years) had a wake-up call with Levadia winning 3 out of the four clashes as the first ended in a goalless draw.

It was the 24th of May 1999 when referee Jüri Saar (father to Eiko Saar and Pärnu women coach) directed the game in Maardu (Levadia were still named after the city were they initially belonged to, in the Tallinn’s outskirts).

The scoreboard gave us only three booked players: Prins (LEV) and Alonen and Tohver (FLO). It was matchday 6 of 1999 season which saw Levadia rising the first of their 8 Estonian titles. A title stripped off Flora hands and having Toomas Krõm as topscorer (19 goals). Six of those were scored in a derby games and a legendary hattrick was netted for the 3-0 away win (actually the game was played in Maarjamäe, as the A.LeCoq Arena complex was yet to come).

It took two years for Flora to get used to the new ‘neighbours’ and bag the first wins. They actually came all at once in 2001 when the White-Greens won 2-1, 3-2 (hattrick by Zelinski, still at Flora), 1-0 and 2-0. A circumstance that has never repeated ever since with Flora unable to bring home more than 6 points in the derbies against Levadia.

The Greens have always had the upper hand in the overall balance of the previous 63 clashes making reasonably to claim that they are the first team in Tallinn when comes to head-to-head.

The last win for Flora dates back to 2011, when they also marked their largest win against Levadia: 3-0. It was an home win with Frolov, Henri Anier and Nikolay Mashichev giving Flora the three points against Levadia for the last time. Since then, 4 draws and 7 losses in the Premium Liiga derby clashes.

Levadia's coach, Marko Kristal, has scored one goal in this derby for Flora.

This is the distribution of the goals considering that 2014 might mark the lowest goalscoring in this derby as, so far, just four goals have been netted, two each:

1999 – 10 (Flora 2 – Levadia 8)
2000 – 14 (Flora 5 – Levadia 9)
2001 – 11 (Flora 3 – Levadia 4)

2002 – 7 (Flora 3 – Levadia 4)
2003 – 10 (Flora 8 – Levadia 2)
2004 – 10 (Flora 2 – Levadia 8)
2005 – 10 (Flora 3 – Levadia 7)
2006 – 11 (Flora 4 – Levadia 7)
2007 – 13 (Flora 6 – Levadia 7)
2008 – 6 (Flora 2 – Levadia 4)
2009 – 14 (Flora 4 – Levadia 10)
2010 – 12 (Flora 7 – Levadia 5)
2011 – 8 (Flora 5 – Levadia 3)
2012 – 15 (Flora 6 – Levadia 15)
2013 – 11 (Flora 2 – Levadia 9)

Click on each table below to check further figures of the Flora-Levadia derby history (source Estonian FA website and book ‘100 years – Estonian Football').

- Face-Off
- Goals
- Derby People
- Kadriorg Park Stadium

*** Remaining foreign goalscorers

Flora: Beglarishvili (2, GEO); Larsen (NOR), Sirevicius (LTU), Hakola (FIN), Van de Streek (NED)

Levadia: Dovydenas (2, LTU)

**** A.LeCoq Arena was only built in 2001 and the Fora home derby has also been held in Maarjamäe, nowadays Levadia's training complex.

Infographics by 'Rumori di Spogliatoio'  ©

*All goals are from Europe: Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Georgia and Norway.

** Konstantin Nahk is now at FC Infonet. He was previously know as Konstantin Kolbassenko before he decided to change last name into Nahk.

In bold players still in the squad, italics for foreigners:

Flora (69): Zahovaiko (7); Hamre (4); Anier, M.Rooba, Zelinski, Mashichev, Minkenen (3); Vunk, Kulik, Piiroja, Viikmäe, Iśtśuk, Sidorenkov, Stepanov, Mośnikov, Alliku, Jürgenson, Reim, Frolov, Beglarishvili (2); Dupikov, Bärengrub, Enver Jääger, Ahjupera, Tarassenko, Kristal, Anniste, Saviauk, Palatu, Reinumäe, Post, Kams, Larsen, Sirevicius, Van de Streek, Hakola (1)  

Levadia (97): Kolbassenko/Nahk (11); Krõm (8); Zelinski, Leitan (6); Andreev, Neemelo, Hunt, Teever, Subbotin (4); S.Puri, Morozov, (3); Dovydenas, Voskoboinikov, Purje, Krõlov, Bragin, Olumets, Fenin, Tselnokov, Rõtskov, Vassiljev, Malov, Gussev (2); Ivanov, Rättel, Antonov, Podholjuzin, Jahhimovits, Taar, Kink, E.Puri, Kasimir, Dmitrijev, Hohlov-Simson, Śvets, Dolinin, Arbeiter, Chopyk (1)

N.B.!!! Indrek Zelinski is Levadia's assistant coach. V.Ivanov left the club during the past weeks and has been 2014 topscorer for Levadia for a while.