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Markus Holst: in Swiss 2.Liga there are many professional teams

Angelo PalmeriComment

Time ago we gave voice to Markus Holst, former Paide midfielder who moved to Switzerland for studies and football.

Markus during his time at Levadia 

Markus during his time at Levadia 

We checked with Markus how is going.

Right now we are the fourth in the table, just 3 points behind the leaders’ confessed Markus to Rumori as Concordia have 24 points and FC Aigle 27.

It is the result of 8 wins out of 13 games. Quite curiously, Concordia is the only club who has never drew a game during this season.

All the games have been very close’ explained Markus ‘that's the thing I really like about this league- it's so even. Everyone can beat everyone. For example, we beat the 2 league leaders who are fully professional teams but lost against much weaker sides.

Being a non-professional side, Markus confessed that much depends on the squad’s situation: ‘when we can get together all the players who belong to our squad, we are really strong. But when we have certain players missing, we can play really badly.’ It is the case when they collected three of their five losses, in a row. ‘Even then’ revealed Markus ‘during two of those games we were dominating so much that I thought it would be impossible to lose. But we did lose and that's the charm of football here, it's very unpredictable.

However, what is the level of the league Markus is plying his trade at? The 23-year-old from Tallinn tries to give readers an idea by drawing a comparison with Estonian football. ‘To be honest, I'm really surprised’ stated Markus ‘I must say that, before coming here I thought that my minimum league level, where I would be able to play, it were the Première Ligue, the 4th tier (Markus is in the 6th – A.P). I really thought that anything below this level was weak, but I couldn't be further from the truth,’ concluded.

Can we compare 2.Liga with anything lower in Estonia?
I think not. I even heard someone comparing it to Rahvaliiga. Trust me, this is not the case. I
t would be interesting to play with Concordia Lausanne against the teams out of the Premium Liiga top5 and compare ourselves to them because I don't believe we are weaker. I think those matches would be really close ones. But one thing I can tell - we are certainly stronger than Kalev. 

How do the players’ game there look like?
I have played against some really good players here. In one game, I played against a big black-skinned guy who just ran past me and I was helpless. In Estonia that kind of situation happened only once and then it was Kimbaloula who did it to me. 

Markus was June Best Player at Paide (Paide Facebook page)

Markus was June Best Player at Paide (Paide Facebook page)

What is the situation with professionalism in 2.Liga?
There are many professional teams, not to mention the Première Ligue where in some clubs players get 3,000-4,000 swiss francs per month (2,500-3,500 euros – A.P.). In the team where I did the trial (FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy –A.P.), the winning bonus is 300 swiss francs per game (250 euros –A.P.).

According to your experience so far, where a Premium Liiga team could play in Switzerland?
It's hard to say but I think that the best Estonian clubs could play in the 3rd tier. Levadia even in 2nd tier, but it would be really hard for them because the difference with tempo is huge. If someone thinks I underestimate Estonian Premium Liiga then I would like to remind that Swiss 2nd and 3rd tiers are wholly professional and very strong. If any Estonian played in the Challenge League, he would be always in the national team squad. If we take a club like Kalev instead, I think they would not even match the level of a Swiss 8th  tier. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not. I tell you a story. We played a cup game against an 8th  tier side. We escaped narrowly as we won only 3-2 and again, there were players who were bloody good. It’s a new thing here for me. It looks like everyone can play football here. We had a quite striking example in the past days. Estonia's U-23 lost against England C which is composed of Non-League players coming from the Conference and the leagues below. It makes you think.

Any anedocte or story to remember from your first period in Switzerland?

During the game against FC Aigle there was a mass brawl and the game was stopped and ended prematurely.  
FC Aigle were the league leaders and we were leading against them 3-2 but in the 85th minute our Portuguese player (David Teixera - A.P.) and 2 players of our opposition started to fight for some reason.
Usual stuff: somebody said something and as they were both very fired up, the fight was easy to follow. They were separated and given all red cards, so I thought 'that's it, we can continue.' But as soon as they managed to cross the throw in line, they started again and now it went totally mad because everybody was involved, even their supporters.

I couldn't believe my eyes because it was so surrealistic experience. The brawl was quite cruel. Hits were given in every part of the body but mainly in the face. It seems I wasn't the only one who was shocked to see a thing like that cause the ref decided to blow the whistle and end the game.

After the game we had to wait in the stadium surroundings because FC Aigle supporters were waiting behind the gates to beat up our Portuguese player. Of course police was involved and situation ended up with them escorting our player to a car park where he could take his car and escape quickly. 

The game was definitely abandoned and FC Concordia was awarded a 3-0 win FC Aigle didn't appeal against. Apparently, the brawl was started after an assumingly hard tackle followed by a reaction. Teixera suffered a 4-game suspension.