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FC Infonet vs. Levadia match preview

Angelo PalmeriComment

Focus on FC INFONET  (3/10, 23pts)

With Manucho on a roll and the team at its third win in a row, the morale is quite high for Puśtov XI in the eve of the big match against Levadia.

The Estonian Champions are a real taboo for FC Infonet: 5 losses out of 5 games and only one goal scored against Roman Smiśko, conceding 12 to the 'greens'. It's the only top club they have never managed to grab points from.

Tonight's clash looks like the 'now or never' chance as, not only FC Infonet can keep the pace with Flora and Kalju, but they could distance Levadia themselves in what would be an unexpected unfolding at start of season.

Puśtov will reconsider Matvei Igonen after having given him a break due to a loss in the family. Additionally Kassantsjuk picked up an injury during the game against Narva Trans and will not take part to the game.

Maksim Lipin should also return from his injury and Golovljov is available: Puśtov 'lethal weapon' played all the 90 minutes with the double team and also scored a goal in a 3-1 win against Sillamäe double (on a curiosity note: Sillamäe's only goal was scored by Lavrentjev, the first team goalkeeper started as onfield player!).

4-2-3-1 will be, as usual during this season. With Harin affected by food poisoning, Valov will have another start on the left flank and Aidara shall be behind Manucho.

The latter and Avilov are still on suspension risk (3 cards each). It would make sense to spend it for next matchday as Infonet will travel to Jõhvi.

Focus on LEVADIA (4/10, 22pts)

The 6-0 win against Loko on Friday was the classical painkiller to take when you have an headache.

The involvement of Jahhimovitś in a new chapter of the betting scandal brought many of those indeed: from having to make go with a thinner defence line to thinking about who to bring in the squad to replenish.

If the result suggests an easy training game a-la' Kalev-Levadia 0-8, what the game was in Kadriorg isn't really showing us that. Loko managed to hold Levadia on 0-0 for almost all the first half, squandering chances that could have given the lead to the minnow. If the second half was comforting for Marko Kristal, we are sure he is more concerned with the first half in the eve of visiting FC Infonet, whose likes of Manucho, Lipin and Valov are not certainly those of someone who squanders easily.

FC Infonet will give certainly spaces and Levadia will try to exploit those with the man in best form, Igor Subbotin. Kristal will not abandon his favourite 4-4-2 and will probably send back to the pitch Dragomir Vukobratovic who has been on suspension risk already for a while. However, the 40-year-old coach might be happy with Kaljumäe work-rate and spare the Serbian for the 'El Clasico' next week.

Following the knock on his head after scoring the 2-0, Ingemar Teever might be given a break or simply used as a substitute for Vladislav Ivanov (on suspension risk too) to get his third start of the season following the brace against Loko. In the defence Volchkov did not convince as right full-back and Kristal might opt to give Kulinits a start there keeping Podholjuzin in the unusual role of central defender partnering with Artjunin.

Latest news: Artur Pikk presence for this game is in doubt.


El-Hussieny vs. Lipin and Subbotin vs. Valov will be the main themes of the game on the flanks. They will be high-speed and technique duels among 4 of the most skilled flankers of the Premium Liiga. Double teaming will constantly be demanded from the midfield lines with probably a lot of work for the referee. If Aidara finds finally the inspiration, he might offer interesting initiatives between the lines. Puśtov XI pressing will be a good trial to test Levadia nerves in this moment.


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 5
FC Infonet's wins: 0 
Levadia's wins:
Draws: 0
Goals scored by FC Infonet: 1
Goals scored by Levadia:
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Infonet's rows: Konstantin Nahk (DMF) 152 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Levadia's rows: Ingemar Teever (CF) 118 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1   5.14
X  5.43
2   1.42   

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Looking at the offer from Optibet, there are a couple of interesting picks for this game.

The X on first half is one of those with its 2.65. However, the Under at FT is offering also a solid 2.25

However, for this clash, we would really risk the hazard and suggest FC Infonet winning at final time: 5.14! Obviously the head-to-head analysis confirms Levadia as an absolute taboo for the home team, however the opposite states of mind might play a role this time and give Infonet the first joy and points against the 'greens'

Tip: FC Infonet to win - 1 at FT

(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

The referee of the game will be Miko Pupart.

His last game in Premium Liiga dates back to the 19th of April when he directed Lokomotiv-Levadia on Matchday 8 (0-4 the final result).

33 games in Premium Liiga for the young match director, 120 yellow cards shown (3,63), 4 red cards for a second booking and 7 straight red cards is tally.

He will be supported by a full squad of assistants as a 7-man squad will be implemented tonight: Jaanus Mutli and Laui Salei on the touchlines, Kristo Külljastinen and Rauno Kald in the boxes and Tomi Rahula will overlook from the technical area.


Game as usual at Sportland Arena.

Kick-off at 19:00 EEST tonight, Monday the 12th of May.

Entrance 5€.

3€ if you click on 'Going' in the Facebook event here.