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FC Infonet vs. FC Flora match preview

Angelo PalmeriComment

Focus on Infonet (5/10, 54pts)
With 10 points far from Sillamäe and 12 left, the chance to clinch the 4th spot is gone. FC Infonet's seasonal target are basically over and Aleksander Puśtov will have to find the right way to motivate his team until the bottom.
Obviously, clashing with big teams it is a motivation per se and shall keep attention high. Out of four games, Infonet will take on Flora (this weekend) and Levadia (on the 24th of October) meaning that they could be the judges of the title fight. Taking a famous scalp it would the perfect way to end a positive season. After all, Infonet were promoted just last season and, after finishing behind Paide, they managed to topple the Central Estonia down from their place and become the 5th powerhouse of the Premium Liiga. Next season the target will be certainly risen to trying to fight for the podium.

Infonet have been a real boogeyman for Flora.

Injuries and Suspensions
The biggest regret for Puśtov is having to make go without Manucho. The Ivorian striker has collected 8 (!) yellow cards this season and one red (double booking) in Balotelli's fashion as most came for unruly behaviour, protests or unnecessary fouls. He has scored much more than last season contributing in Infonet success, however he has still some gaps in the behavioural point of view. Except him, no one else is sidelined by suspension with the veteran, Konstantin Nahk, still out for injury. The list of players risking suspension is very long: Gurtsioglujant, Melts, Aidara, Semakhin, Valov, Avilov and Harin.

Key Man: Aidara
He hasn't repeated his sensational season at Sillamäe, however those few times he has been placed as centre forward in Infonet's 4-2-3-1 he has delivered. Against Flora can be his day if he can level the same work rate example given by Neemelo last week.


Focus on FC Flora (2/10, 70 pts)
Flora have to collect the pieces of last week's derby and very quickly. There's no alternative for Norbert Hurt and his squad since the game against Infonet is not one of those that can be easily dealt with. Infonet have been close to beat Flora twice. Last time, another goal by Maksim Gussev (unavailable due to injury) helped Flora levelling in the dying minutes (2-2). With Levadia two points clear, Flora have no other alternative than winning this fixture on Friday and taking advantage of the Levadia-Kalju derby the day after. It's a vital game, no one can hide that. At the same time, Flora have showed worrying signs of being unable to hold when under pressure. The unexplicable finale in Tartu and the penalty gifted to Kalju last week, were a good example of what Flora should not do: let panic kick in. In the end, winning would return pressure on Levadia's shoulders as, for one night at least, Flora will be again ahead. 

Injuries and suspensions
Hurt will recover Luigend and Mośnikov in the middle of the park but will lose Prosa up front and Jürgenson on the full-back position for suspension. He shall opt for Sander Post to start and Kevin Aloe to take charge of the left side. Gussev shall be still injured, if recovered on the last minute, it will be a precious weapon to point at FC Infonet once again. 4-2-3-1 will be chosen again with the same men as from last week in the other positions.

Key-man: Rauno Alliku
Who else? He was the best player for Flora in last week derby. With Prosa sidelined, he should also try the finishing part more especially if he will exploit the spaces opened by Sander Post. 14 goals this season for Rauno and too little goals scored in the last 9 games (3).

Tactical keys
Interesting to see how two specular formations (4-2-3-1) will battle on the field considering that both flanks can offer interesting duels. Alliku-Baranov will put into trial Elhi-Harin, unless Puśtov opts to bring Valov back in the place of Harin with Taar behind Aidara and someone else in the central midfielder role. However, with the return of Mośnikov, Puśtov might well opt to represent the same line-up with the only Aidara in place of suspended Manucho. Easier task for Semakhin-Malov as Logua is not the same as last season and Jürgenson is suspended. On the right flank, Infonet can bring its own overlapping game and have either Semakhin shooting from distance or Malov penetrating the Flora's back line. Either way, Rähn might suffer from the speed of the two cursors. Aerial option for Flora if Hurt fields Post. The tall man from Viljandi has adapted to play for the team, however, at any moment, he can pose a threat to Kalimullin and Avilov in the air.

FC INFONET VS. FC FLORA HEAD TO HEAD (last 6 matches via - prolific strikers via

Infonet’s wins: 2
Draws: 1
Flora’s wins: 3
Goals scored by Infonet: 11
Goals scored by Flora: 13

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Infonet's rows: Konstantin Nahk (FW) 113 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Flora's rows: Albert Prosa (CF) 85 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1   4.20
X  3.90
2   1.70

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)
The referee of the game will be Juri Frischer.
It will be his 45th game in Premium Liiga.
149 yellow cards shown (3,38) and 5 red cards for a second yellow.
He showed a straight red four times.


Info about the game
Game on Friday the 3rd of October at 19:00
The entrance to Sportland Arena, venue of the game, it is 5€.
If you're after a discount, make sure to 'attend' the Facebook event here and you will get in for 3€ (attendance list is closed today).

Kids up to 16-year-old age get in for free.

The game will be streamed by ERR Sport here (link available few minutes before the game)