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FC Infonet, a statistical approach to football

Angelo PalmeriComment

FC Infonet in our special club card - click to enlarge

It is not a mystery that Estonian top-flight clubs are every year improving their approach to the game.

In line with many top European clubs who have set the example earlier, also our local clubs are trying to hit the statistical road to how football is played in the attempt of improving performances with scientific tool.

In the light of that, FC Infonet have communicated an agreement with InStat Football ( to help improve Puśtov's XI performance.

''Our club was the first in Estonia to sign an agreement with InStatFootball, which is mainly specialized in analyzing football matches , but also offers a wide range of services in the football industry'' wrote FC Infonet managing director Aleksandr Altosar on the clubs' website upon presenting the new implementation.

''By agreement with InStat, FC Infonet will receive during the season statistical analysis of all their matches , including a pdf report and deep video analysis in a special program named 'InStat Video'' continued Altosar in describing the terms of the agreement with the company that ''also provides us with InStat premium account online system, InStat Scout with comprehensive capabilities to search for players and the preparation of various cuts. We hope this partnership will help our players improve their skills and will help coaching staff in preparing for the games'' concluded the former footballer.

What coach Puśtov thinks of the innovation introduced at the club?

"The data provided after games by InStatFootball will give objective information as to the actions of the team as a whole and separately for each player. On the basis of these data, it is easier to plan and organize the work for the players following the game. Figures give an objective picture of the game . If before the player did not agree with some information , such as the number of won or lost tackles, it is now rapidly confirmed by the figures. Also, all the technical and tactical actions are reflected in the analysis graphically. And, of course , a big plus is the video program - it saves a lot of time and allows you to analyze the performance in a higher quality" concluded the experienced 50-years-old skipper.

What is the players' opinion? As spokeperson, Vladimir Avilov, the young central defender: "For me this is an important program , after each game I analyze the actions and in the future can concentrate on what is lacking. Overall I'm pleased with this technology , and I hope it will help me and my team in the future!" concluded enthusiastically the 19-year-old footballer from Maardu.

The club informed that data will also be published on the Facebook page.

Implementation of the program might already happen in the game against FC Flora (at Sportland Arena on the 28th of February at 19:00)