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FC Infonet vs. Nõmme Kalju match preview

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If Infonet are basically out of the title fight, they still can have a say by interfering with the seasonal path of the other title fighters. After compelling Sillamäe to a 3-3 draw few weeks ago, now they are ready to receive Nõmme Kalju returning from the away trip to Iceland. Compared to Prins squad having a couple of days to recover, Puśtov's men have had a couple of relaxing weeks they could use to fine tune and prepare for this big clash. The win itself could also represent a motivational package for the table situation as this would put Infonet just 4 points far from the 2013 runners-up. Infonet has been quiet on the transfer market. After all the squad has been well-reinforced during winter and Aidara has finally started to perform at his levels meaning the acclimatization period into the new XI is definitely achieved. 

Mones might be recovered from his ankle twist however Puśtov has enough options to give him a rest considering Malov has been performing well as right full-back. Konstantin Nahk is still one card away from his first suspension.

Key man: Kassim Aidara
He has had two excellent performances in a row flavoured with 3 goals and one assist. Kassim Aidara might have convinced Puśtov to field him up front in the place of Manucho due to the latter's easy card-proneness. He could seriously threaten Kalju's defence and hit the second best defence of the Premium Liiga.

FOCUS ON KALJU (3/10, 38p)
The morale is high in Kalju squad returning from Iceland on Friday after the successful European tie in Iceland. However, mental and physical energies were spent aplenty to achieve this success ahead of the return in Kadriorg. Treasuring the experience made last year during the European campaign when Kalju basically lost the table leadership in July, Prins&Co. will try not to commit the same mistakes and respond to the stress in a better way. It was indeed a 1-1 draw with Infonet that helped Levadia to take off.
Additionally, Kalju bear a grudge at Infonet for the technical loss suffered in the season's debut game. All the ingredients seem to be the right ones not to disappoint the fans. 

will be out for the rest of the summer. In Iceland Kimbaloula took the lonely striker role as neither Felipe Nunes nor Jarmo Ahjupera could be registered for the European ties. The latter warmed up his engine in a game with the double team where he picked up a red card for double booking after 26' minutes. Positive debut with the double team for Nunes instead: he scored a goal and he set up an assist in a game against Kiviõli Orbis. Considering the Brazilian is still recovering form after the long-term absence from activity, it is very likely Prins might still give a chance up-front to Quintieri in a 4-4-1-1 formation bringing Kimbaloula back to the left flank and Toomet on the right-flank position. Unless he opts for Kimbaloula up-front again with Quintieri on the left. Last-minute decision for Prins as he cannot use Ahjupera due to the suspension.
Martin Vunk is just one card away from suspension.

Key man: Damiano Quintieri
He scored a great goal against Lokomotiv pulling level in a game that took a strange turn. When the flavour of Europe is close, Damiano gets excited. Even if he will not be fielded in the position up front, he can still pose a threat to Infonet rearguard and score his second seasonal goal.

Last Premium Liiga XI for Infonet and how Kalju lined up in Iceland (

Last Premium Liiga XI for Infonet and how Kalju lined up in Iceland (

The game will be battled on the flanks rather than in the midfield.
Harin or Valov vs. Toomet or Quintieri and the intriguing face-off between Kimbaloula and Lipin will offer most of the entertainment. Considering that Kallaste and Malov will also push to overlap from the full-back positions. Vunk and Nahk might be required for extra work in double-teaming.

(last 6 Premium Liiga Matches via

Infonet’s wins: 0* 
Draws: 2
Kalju's wins: 3
Goals scored by Infonet: 1
Goals scored by Kalju: 11

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Infonet's rows: Konstantin Nahk (DM) 152 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalju's rows: Tarmo Neemelo (CF) 160 goals

*Infonet had a technical win at start of season

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    6.17
X   3.70
2    1.54

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Big clash, big referee. For the most important game of the matchday, Kristo Tohver will take charge at Sportland Arena. In his 235-game experience he has shown 779 yellow cards (3,1 per game) 28 red cards for double booking and 38 straight ones.

The Estonian international referee will be assisted by Sten Klaasen and Silver Kõiv on the touchlines, Rauno Kald and Martin Salong in the boxes. The fourth official is Jonas Jaanovits.


Kick-off at Sportland Arena on the 7th of July 2014, game streamed by, link available here few minutes before the game.

5€ the entrance fee, 3€ if you mark yourself as 'Going' in the Facebook event.