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Only in Estonia: Infonet in the history, Virtsu in the heart

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Last night Estonian football made it again across the border.

If you think that the 1/64 of the Estonian Cup are nothing interesting, well, you are wrong.

With a full draw in place and no seeding applied, the table of the 2015-16 Estonian Cup offers the first improbable clashes.

Professional clubs from the top-flight against amateur clubs, sometimes pub clubs.
The latters belong to the non-league world (known in Estonia as Rahvaliiga and roughly regulated by the Estonian FA).

It was the case of FC Infonet, a fully professional club, currently 5th in the Estonian top-flight, against Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi, a Rahvaliiga club from the harbor town of Virtsu, the last post of the Estonian inland before setting sails to the wonderful island of Saaremaa.

The game took place in Tallinn, and after FC Infonet closed the first half with a safe 13-0, they finished off the opposition with a final 36-0.

The score sets the new record in the Estonian Cup. The previous one belonged to Narva Trans beating Valga Warriors 25-0 in 1998-99. A couple of clubs have been close to beat it, but no one managed ever since. Until the 13th of June 2015, 17 years after.

Virtsy Jalgpalliklubi (Official Facebook page)

Virtsy Jalgpalliklubi (Official Facebook page)

The biggest share belonged to Trevor Elhi: 10 goals. Except the goalkeeper, Matvei Igonen (who has had a trial at Italian club Vicenza), all the remaining 10 players scored at least one goal: Kalimullin (2) Semakhin (3) Volodin (2) Melts (4) Harin (5) Ogorodnik (1) Aidara (1) Elhi (10) Mashichev (2) Kozlovs (4).

There was also glory for the only substitute, Eduard Golovljov, scoring two after having replaced Kozlovs.

If FC Infonet have entered the book of positive records, Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi will be on the side of the negative ones.

However, they have already captured the sympathy of the social medias.

A popular Italian banter page, ‘Delinquenti prestati al mondo del pallone’ (roughly translatable into ‘Criminals loaned to football’, over 400,000 'Likes') dedicated a post to the exceptional score.

Most of the comments are ironical.
The presentation of the picture post is itself ironical: 'Infonet's first goal was too quick and ruined everything...'

We have selected the best.

Oh shit! I did bet Over 36.5!

This club cannot have only 358 ‘Likes’, let’s help them reaching at least 400!’ – a link to Virtsu JK Facebook page followed and at time of writing the page has reached already over 400 ‘Likes’!

Why the ref gave 2 minutes of injury time when the score was 34-0????

The 25-0 goal was affected by offside…

Galliani, this is Trevor Elhi!

Galliani, this is Trevor Elhi!

Elhi enters into the history of Estonian football!

Elhi is next AC Milan free-agent signing!

Galliani (AC Milan general manager –edit) bring Elhi to AC Milan!

If each player was supposed to take the ball with him home after the hattrick, they would have run out of stocks

Many don’t know that there won’t be a return game and are sure Virtsu can overturn the score, others cannot believe there’s a team in Estonia named ‘Infonet’. Others instead, reposted pictures of the Virtsu heroes. 

The incredible full-time score made it to the pages of

Virtsu JK proudly representing Estonia in Mallorca (VJK Google Plus)

Virtsu JK proudly representing Estonia in Mallorca (VJK Google Plus)

Vaguely inspired by Juventus FC (white-black striped jersey and a zebra in the club's logo, really vaguely...) they were founded on the 9th of March 2012.

The design of the jerseys is actually inspired by Alessandro Del Piero's  last jersey at Juventus before leaving the club, as Virtsu explains in their website. The love for the Italian nr.10 is now being matched by the sympathy of many Italian fans.

In the short history of the club, Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi has also had one foreigner, English Daniel Showell (interviewed here)
and they have also participated in an amateur tournament in Mallorca.

Peccato per quel gol a freddo...

Posted by Delinquenti prestati al mondo del pallone on Saturday, 13 June 2015