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Estonia Cup: Kalev Junior vs. Levadia 0-19, 6 short of the record

Angelo PalmeriComment

In the previous title and article we mentioned 24-0 as the biggest win registered in Estonian official competitions. We do apologize with readers as, after further checks, the record was set back in 1999 Estonian Cup when Narva Trans beat 25-0 FC Warrior Valga.

For Livescore geeks it is quite common to open the popular app on their smart phone just to answer a true ‘first world problem’ question: what football games are being playing right now?

Obviously, after scrolling down few leagues, especially the lowest, you start to realize you have enough knowledge to continue your day.

However, if you stumble into a FT score like the following, the typical reaction is ‘what the heck?!?’ - photo: Deni Delev

You even realize that the ‘Information will be available later’ is not enough, you want to know more in that very moment.

Now, Estonian is not an easy language for newbies of the Ugro-Finnic speech (same family as Finnish and Hungarian) therefore browsing the Estonian FA official website ( is not the easiest job.

‘Rumori’ sorted out things for you picking up the original referee document embedded within the official website.

The result was worth a mention on Sport Bible Twitter account. Even though it seems that Livescore got the two sides wrong...very unlikely that Martin Reim Jalgpalli Kool could beat Sillamäe Kalev 19-0, isn't it?

How could be possible such a gap?

First of all we shall specify that these are 1/32 of finals of the Estonian Cup. All clubs play against each other. Levadia are the 2013 Estonian Champions (tomorrow they will take on San Marino’s La Fiorita in the Champions League first preliminary round). Instead, Kalev Juunior are a IV.Liiga side occupying mid-table position in the 6th and last tier where they belong to.

Andrei Brytkin was the first assistant of the game and we asked him some questions.

How could could you keep focused on a game that was already over after first half (0-10 for Levadia)?

Well, in second half I had to be focused as Levadia was attacking on my side but in first half it was really hard. Notwithstanding the one-way game, the Kalev Juunior side had one counter-attack on offside position and I managed to spot that.

Well done! Apart from the FT score, do you remind any other funny episode?

Not really…maybe just the statistical data that Levadia’s goalkeeper touched the ball only 4 times, I counted myself…!

In such a game, Levadia were even assigned three penalties, can you recount us the situations?

First situation was a foul on striker Ingemar Teever (scored a brace – edit). Second situation was a handball. In the goofy attempt to clear the ball, the defender cleared on his hand preventing a goal scoring opportunity. The last situation was a foul from behind in the box, quite clear penalty there too.

Levadia are not new to this kind of bone-crushing results in the cup.

Two years ago they crushed FC Pokkeriprod 18-0 (your columnist was in the crushed side…). However, 19-0 is not the record.

The club's record was set in 2006 for Levadia vs. FC Soccernet, 24-0 !

Former National Team and Levadia coach, Tarmo Rüütli, giving a five to your columnist after a goal - click to enlarge (Siim Kiibus)

At that time, the coach of Levadia (former national team coach, Tarmo Rüütli) was also a player of FC Soccernet (6th tier side too) and in the interval he left his side changing room to go briefing Levadia lads in the other.

The 24-0 was equalled in a FC Pokkeriprod vs. Tartu Tammeka cup game in 2013, as you can see from the below video (your columnist was there too...)

However, the all-time record for Estonian official competitions is a 25-0 scored by Narva Trans against FC Warrior Valga in 1999 Estonian Cup.