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Nõmme Kalju vs. Kalev Tallinn match preview

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Believe it or not, Nõmme Kalju have not yet managed to win a game home. The debut win against FC Infonet was cancelled for an irregularity in the line-up.

The unlucky protagonist of that episode, young striker Andre Järva, is sidelined by a surgical operation to his nose.

What initially looked like a fracture to the finger bone for Hidetoshi Wakui, it resulted being a heavy dislocation (the bone came off and required ER action in Narva to be fixed). The player might still take a break considering that the opponent will not be as much demanding as the previous weekends. In his place there could be another chance for Karl Mööl to play behind the lonely striker, Tarmo Neemelo.

Also Ken Kallaste had to leave the pitch earlier last Saturday. He might be able to join the game however, Prins might opt not to risk him either and resort to rotation.

Damiano Quintieri will continue the rehab process with the target to be back on the pitch at the end of the month

Notwithstanding this fair list of worries, Prins shall be quite confident to field an XI able to beat Kalev, unbeaten in the away games (2 playes, 1 win - Lokomotiv - 1 draw - Narva Trans)

Key-man: Karl Mööl
If Toshi will take a rest to heal his finger, he is expected to take his place behind Neemelo. It can be the good game to shine and also score some goals as Karl has all the flair to do it in a game with no pressure.

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The proud performance against Paide has probably returned a bit of self-esteem to Zamogilnõi XI. However, if the third worst attack goes to visit the best defence of the season so far, the output might be quite obvious.

Additionally, Kalev have proved disastrous when clashing with the other big ones (0-6 against Sillamäe and 0-8 against Levadia).

Daniil Savitski was sidelined by a back problem last week that prevented him to play against Paide. The ‘baby-goalkeeper’ Vallner (16-years-old!) replaced him. Whether Savitski will play or not against Kalju, it might be a last-minute decision. Edgars Butlers is still sidelined by a dislocated arm (injury occurred before the game against Tammeka).

Kalev have shown already a defensive fragility that only Paide’s toothless attack could not overwhelm. Kalju’s mouth is already watering at the chance of increasing their goal tally.

Key-man: Lasha Omanidze
It's always very hard to pick one member of this squad as the possible key-man for Kalev, however, so far, Lasha has shown the best potential and he could give some problems to Tihhon Śiśov who is not really at ease with fast and skilled players. 

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Progress in Premium Liiga so far Green W Grey D Red L

Progress in Premium Liiga so far
Green W
Grey D
Red L


Clashes in Premium Liiga: 16
Kalju's wins: 13
Kalev’s wins: 2 
Draws: 1
Goals scored by Kalju: 45
Goals scored by Kalev: 19
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalju's rows: Tarmo Neemelo (CF) 151 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Kalev's rows: Aleksei Savitski (CB) 7 goals

X    8.73
2  25.70

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The referees squad

Ainar Kuusk is the match director. 41-year-old referee, he is at his 7th season in Premium Liiga. 74 games showing the yellow card 215 times (2,9) and the red one 5 (0,06)

At his third game this season, he is directing Kalju and Kalev for the first time after having Tammeka twice against FC Infonet and Levadia Tallinn (10 yellow cards shown and one red). Under his direction, the visiting team has never scored this season.

He will be assisted by Dmitri Vinogradov and Marger Pormann. Fourth official Andrei Karhu.



Nõmme Kalju will not have to employ all their wits to outplay Kalev. Even with a slight rotation, they are still expected to overwhelm Kalev's weak and slow rearguard. 
Zamogilnõi will not resort to any 5-man defence however he will try to keep the two lines very close to each other having basically a 4-5-1 with Belov completely isolated up front. After all it's Kalju and for sure he would put a signature for a goalless draw. Fast men like Kimbaloula will create a lot of headaches.


Info about the game

It is the last game in Hiiu Stadium before Kalju return on the real grass of Kadriorg Park Stadium on the 28th of April against Tammeka.

Ticket price at the entrance is 10€, 2,5€ if bought earlier via Piletilevi ticket system (here), 3,5€ if participating to the Facebook event .

Children up to 6 years get in for free accompained by adults.
2,5€ for pensioners and children between 7 and 14 years of age.

Nõmme Kalju are organizing 
entertainment at the game with former Vanilla Ninja band member, Lenna Kuurmaa, mixing the records during the break.

Kick off at 13:00 EEST tomorrow, Saturday the 12th of April. Game will not be streamed.