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**BREAKING NEWS** Kalju win against Infonet annulled!

Angelo PalmeriComment

The 1-0 win of Nõmme Kalju in the debut game against Infonet was cancelled due to irregularities (click to enlarge).

Nõmme Kalju used a suspended player, youngster Andre Järva.

Järva collected a double booking last season in the last game with FC Ararat against Pärnu Linnameeskond.

Järva was on the bench until he came on for Neemelo on 90' as reported in our match report here

The three points are assigned to Infonet ex-officio.

Kalju will play against Lokomotiv Jõhvi on the 8th of March starting from zero points as Levadia losing to Paide (match report here)


Andre Järva delusion in his ironic tweet...