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Kimbaloula: there are 3,000 relatives waiting for me!

Angelo PalmeriComment

If we were to stuff them all together in Kadriorg Park Stadium, where tonight Nõmme Kalju beat Sillamäe Kalev 1-0 and confirmed on top of the table, they would make the stadium half-full (stadium capacity is 5,000 people at its maximum).

If we would manage to move all of them to Estonia, Nõmme Kalju’s games would break any known record of home attendance per game in Premium Liiga.

Allan Kimbaloula’s relatives waiting for him in Congo tomorrow night could easily make his Facebook page (he doesn’t have one) the most-liked one for a football player in Estonia.

Photo: Gertrud Alatare

Photo: Gertrud Alatare

3,000 relatives will welcome Allan when he will land in Brazzaville to join the Congo national team coached by Claude Le Roy.

Before, a short stop in France where he will meet his parents for the last advices.

His father is from Congo: ‘’he is really proud’’ confirmed Allan after talking to us few days ago ‘’because for him is amazing as I was born in France. I will represent his name, my name, our family’s name. In Congo is going to be really crazy! 3,000 people are waiting for me in the airport, we would really make Kadriorg full (laughs)!’’


Allan, the game with Kalju is over, now only 24h are between you and your trip to this dream, what is your immediate emotion?

Allan when was on trial at Polish club Slask Wroclaw 

Allan when was on trial at Polish club Slask Wroclaw 

I still don’t realize, that I will go there and I will be part of this. Right now I am tired, but when tonight I will start to pack my things, then I am sure I realize this is really happening. From Estonia to go to the Congo national team where Christopher Samba (Dinamo Moscow, Russian Premer Lig - edit) and  Steven N’Zonzi (Stoke City, English Premier League - edit) play it’s amazing - meanwhile, Kalju’s goalkeeper, Vitali Teleś, brings Allan his yellow boots that he was almost forgetting in the changing room, too many thoughts… - This is another step in my plan to reach a big club (Allan, during summer 2013 was in the AS Roma shopping list of Rudi Garcia who knows him well since the Lille period – edit). I was in schock, as I told you few days ago, but now I am getting used to the idea that I will be playing for the national team.

Thinking about the game against Namibia. Do you know your opponents? What chances you have to make it through the next round? (the game against Namibia is the first round of a two-leg play-off)

I am quite confident we are going to win and manage to get in the next round. However, I won’t be playing the return game in Brazzaville. Due to the nature of the club football season in Estonia, Congo FA and Kalju made a deal that I will just play the game in Windhoek (capital of Namibia – edit). Le Roy wanted me at all costs for the first game, so I will go and then there will be a special flight straight back to Estonia on the 18th.
It is a great thing for me and for the club.

If Le Roy has engaged his football association to pay for a return flight, we can assume there are good chances that Allan, if not fielded in the starting XI, will certainly play a bit of the Namibia-Congo game.

For the joy of 3,000 people.

Angelo Palmeri
From Kadriorg Park Stadium, Tallinn (Estonia)