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INFOGRAPHICS: Levadia vs. Kalju, the history

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Video match preview of this game is available here.

As Flora-Kalju, the rivalry between Levadia and Kalju is quite recent, dating back to the same year (2008) when Nõmme Kalju was promoted to Premium Liiga.

Contrary to the clashes against Flora, Kalju fans had to wait a bit longer to see their club winning a fixture against the city rivals.

2008, 2009 and 2010 saw Levadia taking almost all the points with 9 wins and 3 draws in the first 12 clashes.

The situation was completely overturned in 2011 when Kalju not only clinched their first win ever against the Greens (a 3-1 away with Neemelo, Jevdokimov and Finnish Rantanen writing their names in the history of the club) but made it double with a 1-0 win (again away) with the winner scored by Kristen Viikmäe. The remaining two games were both scoredraws (1-1) leaving Levadia, for the first time, winless in a seasonal confrontation with the Pink Panthers.

The story repeated in 2012, the year of Kalju’s title, when Marko Kristal’s side did not manage to win a game. Kalju won only once and they ended up sharing the spoils for three times.

The recent history (2013 and 2014) talks about a substantial balance: 2 wins for Levadia, 2 for Kalju and one draw. Kalju are still winless this season against the city rivals and a clash valid for the title might motivate Prins&Co. to bring the three points home.

This is the distribution of the goals considering that 2014 might mark the lowest goalscoring in this derby as, so far, just two goals were netted and both by Levadia:

2008 – 12 (Levadia 9, Kalju 3)
2009 - 16 (Levadia 13, Kalju 3)
2010 - 11 (Levadia 9, Kalju 2)
2011 - 9 (Levadia 3, Kalju 6)
2012 - 7 (Levadia 3, Kalju 4)
2013 - 8 (Levadia 4, Kalju 4)

Click on each table below to check further figures of the Flora-Kalju derby history (source Estonian FA website).

- Face-Off
- Goals
- Derby People
- Kadriorg Park Stadium

*** Remaining foreign goalscorers (all one goal):
Rantanen (FIN), Ceesay (GAM), Wakui (JAP), Kimbaloula (CGO)

****The game was played at the Maarjamäe sport complex (Levadia training headquarters) in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (6 home games for Levadia). Since 2012 it has returned to Kadriorg.

* 4 continents: Europe (Finland, Lithuania) Africa (Congo, Gambia) Asia (Japan) Americas (Brazil).

** Konstantin Nahk is now at FC Infonet. He was previously know as Konstantin Kolbassenko before he decided to change last name into Nahk.

In bold players still in the squad, italics for foreigners:

Levadia (43)
: Nahk (5); Kink (4); Leitan, V.Ivanov (3); Zelinski, Gussev, E.Puri, S.Puri, SubbotinKruglov, Hunt, Felipe Nunes, Mizigurskis (2); Lemsalu, Malov, Saarelmaa, Śiśov, Marmor, Teniste, Dmitrjev, Toomet, Taar, Teever (1)

Kalju (22): Viikmäe (3); Teever, Jevdokimov, E.Puri, Koogas (2); M.Smirnov, R.Kägo, Mones, Neemelo, Terehhov, Felipe Nunes, Rantanen, Ceesay, Wakui, Kimbaloula (1); one own goal by Andrei Kalimullin (LEV)

N.B.!!! Indrek Zelinski is Levadia's assistant coach. V.Ivanov left the club during the past weeks and has been 2014 topscorer for Levadia for a while. 
Kristen Viikmäe has retired from professional football and is a youth coach at Kalju. Occasionally he plays with Kalju double team in Esiliiga as he is registered in the third team. Sergei Terehhov is Kalju's sport director.

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