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Good performance by Liivak against Serie B side

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Liivak in action against Avellino (Instagram)

Liivak in action against Avellino (Instagram)

After leaving the season preparation camp in Cogolo di Pejo with a scoredraw against Crema (2-2, Crema are 5th tier of Italian football), the squad coached by Saurini returned to Campania region and played a friendly game with Serie B side Avellino in Sturno, Avellino province, on the 15th of August.

Napoli Primavera lost 2-0 but managed to resist to the 2nd tier side for about an hour until Pozzebon opened the score (60’) and beat Nikita Contini.

It was the last test for Avellino before the season debut in ‘Coppa Italia’ against Venezia won 2-0 on Sunday in Avellino.

Good performance by Saurini’s XI in front of 2,500 people. Frank Liivak had several good forays during his 83’ minutes of game before he was replaced by Selva.

Avellino will continue the run in Coppa Italia and will face now FC Bari 1908.

SSC Napoli Primavera are set to take on Pomigliano Calcio, a Serie D side (4th tier) on Thursday in Pomigliano at 17:30 EEST.

Avellino vs. Napoli Primavera 2-0

Napoli: Contini (68′ Gionta), Palumbo (68′ Granata), Guardiglio, Palmiero (88′ Esposito), Mangiapia, Girardi, Bifulco (60′ Lombardi), Prezioso (58′  De Simone), De Iorio (61′ Di Fiore), Romano, Liivak (83′ st Selva)

Team News: the goalkeeper Nikita Contini has been entered into the UEFA list for the Napoli's Champions League preliminary against Athletic Bilbao taking place tonight along with other youngsters (check full list here).
Coach Saurini will have to make go without the trequartista Felice Gaetano for a while since the 1996-born player has broken the 5th metatarsus of his foot and will be out until mid September and will miss the first games of the season.