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Frank Liivak: full 90' minutes at home vs. Ternana (1-1)

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LATEST: the next game, Latina-Napoli, was cancelled upon request of the club. The many injuries added to several players called up by the U-19 national teams (including Frank Liivak) pushed SSC Napoli to ask the football league to postpone the fixture. The date is to be defined. Napoli's next game will be on the 18th of October against Vicenza at home

SSC Napoli Primavera did not suffer from any red card this time and Frank Liivak could complete his second full game of the season.

Napoli’s best chance in the first half (0-0) was from Liivak himself who hit the post with a bent shot (see picture and video below).

In second half, Napoli opened the score with Romano (47’) however, unable to score a second, they let Ternana pull level on 74’ with Battista.

Chances for both teams in the final fifteen minutes however the score stayed on 1-1.

Napoli have 6 points in the group C of the ‘Campionato Nazionale Primavera’ and are currently unbeaten as tableleaders Roma (two wins and two draws for the 'Azzurrini').

They are sitting third with a group of teams with same points: Frosinone, Livorno, Lazio and Empoli. 

Next weekend they will take on Latina away. evaluated Liivak’s performance with a 5,5

Good movements in first half and a great entente with Anastasio (the left full-back –edit). On 39’ minutes he is protagonist with a curled shot that hits the post. In second half he has less impact on the game as his form goes down and he is not very brilliant in the last 30 meters.
With this bent shot, Liivak hit the post for SSC Napoli Primavera 

With this bent shot, Liivak hit the post for SSC Napoli Primavera 

Frank's chance on minute 1:22