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Frank Liivak: Napoli Primavera unbeaten, draw 1-1 in Sicily down to 9 men

Angelo PalmeriComment

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Similarly to the Coppa Italia tie against Cagliari, Napoli Primavera had to finish the game at the Santa Flavia pitch (nearby Palermo) down to 9 men following the red cards collected by Luperto and Granata.

The latter had come off the bench on 15’ to replace Frank Liivak, whose game therefore was really short and affected by the necessity to change the tactical deployment.

Luperto received a red card two minutes earlier when he pulled down Pirrello in the box. Bentivegna transformed the penalty that put the Sicilians ahead.

It was the copycat situation of what happened on Wednesday: Luperto causing a penalty, being sent off and compelling Saurini to pull out one of the strikers of his 4-3-3 and switch to 4-3-2 this time.

However, quite surprisingly, on 16’ minutes, the new signing Persano scored the equalizer. The former Lecce youth striker headed a corner kick past goalkeeper Alastra.

Napoli had to resist for 30 minutes of the second half one man light. In fact, on 75’ minutes, the situation got worse when Granata (Liivak’s replacement) collecte his second booking and reached the showers earlier than time.

The dying minutes of the game saw Napoli’s goalkeeper, Contini, becoming the MOTM for the ‘Azzurri’ as he managed to deny Palermo the winner when he saved both on Pezzella (87’) and Cucchiara (90’ + 2).

Looking back at what was the game, the draw was a great result for Saurini&Co. The Napoli Primavera gaffer will have now to make go without half of the defence since Luperto and Granta  will miss the game against Ternana at home (27th of September at 16:00 EEST).