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SSC Napoli Primavera: preseason training camp started for Frank Liivak

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The summer holidays are also over for the younger footballers.

Since few days Frank Liivak has already joined the Primavera group. Saurini’s squad travelled from Santantimo (the Primavera headquarters) to Cogolo di Pejo, a locality in the Pejo Valley, Trentino region. The locality is just 17-km far from Dimaro, where the main squad is finishing the preseason camp under Benitez.

Few players have been missing due to transfer market. The most-talented one, Gennaro Tutino, has joined Serie B club Vicenza on loan and could make already a name for himself as a pro in next competitive season.
The Polish midfielder, Igor Lasicki, went a tier lower (Lega Pro – from next season Serie C) at Gubbio.

As anticipated by Rumori, the rumours regarding Frank joing Dimaro’s group were totally unfounded as the young Estonian international, who recently turned 18, has joined his teammates since day one.

Some of Frank's teammates, have already joined Benitez' group in the past days: the Italo-Ukrainian goalkeeper Nikita Contini Baranovsky, defender Sebastiano Luperto, midfielder Antonio Romano and fullback Armando Anastasio.

After few days in Santantimo, the Saurini group has reached Cogolo and has had its first training today.

A lot of tactical work for the young group who started at 10:30 am on Cogolo’s grass pitch after half-an-hour session in the gym.

The squad was divided into two groups both with a 4-4-2 formation.

One group wore an orange vest while the other, a grey one.
Frank, as you can see from the exclusive picture we received from IamNaples, belonged to the second group. The ‘orange team’ worked on ball possession, whereas Frank’s side more on pressing and defensive phase. Saurini and his newly appointed assistant coach, Pino La Scala, directed the training.

The two coaches interrupted the works quite often as it’s fashion to show what are the correct movements to perform and what was done wrong during the tactical drill (check video below).

Frank was tried as a second striker in what is not to be considered a training game but a simple tactical drill.

Among new faces, a trialist from Poland, a 1997-born striker, Pawel Krauz, who was employed in the orange team. He comes from 'Druga Liga', the third tier of Polish football system, from Nielba Wagrowiec. The Polish striker also debuted in the club's first team scoring two goal. During the next two weeks he will be evaluated by the technical staff and eventually signed for the Primavera team. 

The training ended at 12:30 CEST after few sprints and stretching.

The training camp will end on the 8th of August. On the 2nd of August Napoli Primavera will take on Inter and Hellas Verona peer for 'Trentino Cup' friendly game.