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VIDEO 86' minutes for Liivak, Napoli from 2-0 to 2-2 against Vicenza

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Incredible game at Santantimo, the home pitch of SSC Napoli Primavera. The ‘Azzurrini’ shared the spoils against Vicenza in the injury time after leading the game 2-0 for the whole 90’.

Two defensive mistakes and the Napoli side left one man light (since 81’ minutes) helped Vicenza to manage a glorious comeback. Rizzo (91’) and Mancini (91’) pulled level with Bifulco’s brace (8’ and 75’). Ironically, Mancini is a former Napoli Primavera player and he didn’t celebrate after the goal.

Frank Liivak’s game lasted 86’ minutes since Saurini had to replace him with a defender (Granata) to balance the team after Girardi was sent off for a double booking.

It’s the third time this season that Liivak is pulled out as Napoli complete the game in numerical inferiority.

Until that moment, Liivak’s remarkable moment into the game a one-on-one against the goalkeeper (23’) who, apparently, pulled him down with no consequence from the referee. A decision that spurred vigorous protests on the touchline.

Napoli are still unbeaten after 6 matchdays and will travel to Sicily (Catania) next weekend.

Frank's best moment available in the following video at minute 1:39 with the penalty situation replay available.