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Loko's cry: are we worth this???

Angelo PalmeriComment

It's a cry for help the one that comes from Jõhvi as Lokomotiv's pitch conditions do not respond to Premium Liiga criteria and the city government has not shown great interest in improving the situation after the club has made it to the Estonian top-flight club.

The pictures that we show you in the gallery are made by Sergei Ivanov, club's representative and were brought to everyone's attention in Facebook.

As you can see, the pitch conditions are far from acceptable and would just help to bring injuries.

The pictures were accompanied by an open letter to all the people with good will to help, possibly also the city government of Jõhvi (click to enlarge picture for the full original text)

We offer you the most relevant excerpts in English.

'For the third year running Jõhvi Stadium waits for refurbishment. Our club management thinks where to find this money' explains the open letter 'a stadium no one has dealt with for 60 years!'

The letter explains how, through the club hard work, they managed to make the stadium look slightly better and not be a 'shame' any longer. However 'the pitch needs a complete refurbishment'.

'Loko brought top-flight football to Jõhvi (...) our achievement has brought joy to Jõhvi citizenship and a big challenge for the club. (...) What to do? Do we have to recognize, Jõhvi, that our achievements and our kids do not matter to anyone and we don't even have the money to put in order one pitch? NO! We won'd agree! (...) we are worth! Our kids deserve better!'

The club appeals to all existing parties (individuals, city government, sponsors etc.) in Jõhvi and possibly elsewhere, to collect money to restore the Jõhvi Stadium pitch.

The bank account to collect about 15,000€ to restore Jõhvi Stadium is: EE622200221050664945
Motivation for bank transfer: Staadion