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Lokomotiv Jõhvi vs. Narva Trans match preview

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Nothing is lost. These were the words full of hope from Andrei Śkaleta, the Lokomotiv's assistant coach who has taken the reins of the squad since Alexey Tikhomirov (appointed in April) left the club due to financial controversies. However, the reality is much grimmer.
Let alone the desperate table situation (Loko are bottom of the table, 6 points clear from play-off spot with just 3 points and have never won one) the squad is getting thin for the same financial reasons that have compelled Tikhomirov to leave the club and young players are being brought from the double team (JK Kohtla-Järve).
Additionally, Śkaleta will have to give up to Kevin Kaivoja, sidelined by suspension. 

Key-man: Naveriani
The Georgian striker deployed on the left flanker position could give a few headaches to Shevjakov usually not well supported by Fjodorov (more prone to attack than to defend). He could exploit the spaces to send in interesting passes or use corridors to enter the box.

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Valeri Bondarenko has, once and again, taken the fashion of publicly bashing his side in front of the press. In the aftermath of the 1-4 loss against Sillamäe, he accused them of 'not feeling the derby', referring at the fact that his squad did not feel the pressure and the importance to perform in the Eastern Estonia derby. If the rivalry with Sillamäe was not enough to turn on the light, the clash against Loko will certainly not give any additional motivation. However, who wants to make history letting Loko nick their first three Premium Liiga points ever? It should be enough to push Bondarenko's side during the 90 minutes in Jõhvi. Additionally, with Tammeka travelling to Tallinn (at Kalju) three points would mean increasing the safety belt from the Tartuensis, at the moment of only two points.
What else could the 61-year-old coach preach in the changing room before the kick-off?
Nesterovsky, Irie and Tamberg are all under suspension risk. The latter is also affected by an injury and his presence is not 100% sure. Sinicins is back in the squad and played a full hour of the game against Sillamäe.

Key-man: Siim Tenno

Three goals and (hopefully for Bondarenko) counting. When Siim moved to Narva after an unlucky trial in Germany with his mentor, Uwe Erkenbrecher, it was quite evident he would have been Narva's best asset. If released from defensive tasks, he could even help Narva scoring more.

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Line-ups and formations from Matchday 15

Line-ups and formations from Matchday 15


What could this game really offer? Narva's disciplined defensive game has slightly collapsed in the last 5 games (10 goals suffered, almost the same number they suffered in the first 10 games) however, with a direct rival (Paide) the prove solid and kept the clean sheet. Under this point of view, Lepmets should enjoy a quite afternoon between the sticks as the nine goals scored by Loko should not give too many headaches. However, statistics can be sometimes deceiving as Loko have showed ability to build up chances until a certain extent during the game. The back four will have to pay close attention to the 'Georgian pack'. 
4-1-4-1 for Śkaleta opposed to Bondarenko's 4-2-3-1. However, without Kaivoja, Śkalet might opt to resort to 4-4-2 with dropping striker.

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Lokomotiv's wins: -
Draws: -
Narva’s wins: 1
Goals scored by Lokomotiv
: 0
Goals scored by Narva: 5

Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Narva Trans' rows: Stanislav Kitto (CB) 55 goals
Most prolific Premium Liiga scorer(s) in Lokomotiv's rows: Maksim Bazjukin (RMF) 36 goals

ODDS (the figures may be subject to variation)

1    6.24
X   4.73

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(statistics courtesy of Heigo Niilop)

Ainar Kuusk will direct his 77th game in Premium Liiga. In the previous 76 he showed 241 yellow cards, 6 straight reds and 10 for a second yellow. 

He will be assisted in his job by Dmitri Vinogradov and Heigo Paglant. Fourth official, Mart Martin.



The kick-off time is tomorrow (Saturday the 14th of May) at 16:00 EEST at Jõhvi City Stadium and the game will not be streamed.

The ticket will be 1€.