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Lokomotiv, new coach shall be Alexey Tikhomirov

Angelo PalmeriComment

According to Sekundomer, news website of Eastern Estonia, 44-year-old Alexey Tikhomirov shall be announced as new Lokomotiv Jõhvi coach in the evening.

He is a youth coach at Zenit St.Petersburg and, according to the Russian club's website, he is the coach of the U-12 group (click to enlarge picture on the right).

He also guided a Zenit youth group in an international youth tournament in Italy ('Memorial Nardoni' ) reaching the 4th place in September 2013.

The formation of the 3rd/4th place final against Valencia was a 4-1-4-1.

Tikhomirov briefing the team for the first time (

Tikhomirov briefing the team for the first time (

The club has confirmed Tikhomirov in the role. The 44-year-old coach has already directed the first training and was interviewed by Estonian public TV in Russian giving his first impressions about Estonian Premium Liiga: "those games that I have watched, they are somewhat reminiscent of English football. We have one task - to stay in the top flight , and in general we still have to take care of the development of young promising players in Eastern Estonia"