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Narva Trans footballer gets fine cancelled by the court

Angelo PalmeriComment

Maybe they are not great at winning games, just three wins during the entire season for Narva Trans.

Lvov in Narva Trans strip (

Lvov in Narva Trans strip (

However they might be successful at winning court case.

It’s what happened to the young attacking midfielder German-Guri Lvov.

On the first of May he was driving to the Kreenholm Stadium, Narva’s match venue and training ground, together with his teammate Dmitri Sheviakov when the police stopped him.

Both Lvov and Sheviakov had not fastened their seat belts.

Police told me that the minimum fine was 120€’ told the young footballer to the Russian portal of ERR Sport.

Not a small sum for a young Estonian footballer.

The fine applied also to Sheviakov who decided not to appeal and pay the sum.

Lvov instead did not surrender: ‘I appealed to the court’ declared the youngster ‘on the basis that the fine was too big

On Thursday the 31st of July, the court cancelled the fine. The Eastern Prefecture press official said that they will not appeal against the decision of the court which might set a precedent.