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Premium Liiga, Matchday 1: La Moviola

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When in 1917 Iwan Serrurier founded the company Moviola he was probably not aware that the noun ´moviola´ would have entered the Italian football fans imagery once and forever.
He couldn´t imagine that hours and hours of football talk shows in Italy and elsewhere, would have been run on watching over and over again fragments of games in order to analyze whether it was a penalty or not, or if the forward was in offside or not.

For the English speaking World ´moviola´ is better known as ´slow motion´ or ´slowmo´.

At 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' we will analyze every week the controversial episodes involving referees' decision on the pitch

Śiśov legs are still while Martõnov looks for the contact

Śiśov legs are still while Martõnov looks for the contact

KALJU-INFONET 1-0 (match report)

No crucial episode at Hiiu Stadium on Saturday. Referee Kristo Tohver handled the game very well. All cards were deserved.

First booking went to Allan Kimbaloula for fouling Aleks Mones. The French player, probably nervous due to Mones tight marking on him, let himself go to an unfair challenge close to the touchline on midfield line.

The second booking was shown to Martõnov simulating. On the contrary, the nr.14 was protesting for a foul not assigned.

However, is he right in protesting?

Looking at the footage, (minutes 55:17 of the player) he receives a long ball worked with his body against Bärengrub holding him tight. The Infonet’s nr.14 frees himself by dropping few meters.
Tihhon Śiśov is quickly recovering and trying to close space to the midfielder started as a striker. Śiśov closes the space with his body without actually touching Martõnov’s legs the nr.77 legs are still . Tohver call was correct and the yellow card deserved.

Last man foul, red card (Gertrud Alatare)

Last man foul, red card (Gertrud Alatare)

The key-episode was the red card shown to Avilov.
Here a great picture from Gertrud Alatare photography helps us.
As you can see, Avilov has lost the sprint with Mööl and can only resort to holding his arms. Tohver is in great visual position. As Mööl is running straight to the goal in front of him, it is a clear chance to score a goal and Avilov is definitely the last man. Correct decision from the Estonian international referee.

Offside trap never worked here - click to enlarge

With such a large result, there would be little to question, however, on the 6-0 scored by Zahovaiko, the Kalev’s defence stopped assuming the veteran striker was on offside position.

Was it really so?

In this episode we have to praise the second assistant decision who righteously kept the flag down.

As you can see from the outtake, in the very moment Kvasov sends a through ball to Zahovaiko, he is perfectly in line with the last defender (Armean, nr.9 of Kalev). The only player in offside is Kabaev (nr.99) however he is not influencing the development of the action. Later on Zahovaiko will collect the ball and dribble Savitski twice without even thinking of passing the ball to Kabaev. Jaanus Mutli position was perfect to judge the episode.


The exact moment when Zahharenkov finds Gussev's leg in the box, the ball is few meters away

The exact moment when Zahharenkov finds Gussev's leg in the box, the ball is few meters away

Few doubts also in the Flora's away win at Lokomotiv.
The only controversial episode might have been the penalty granted to Flora. The game is in dying moment as on 85' minutes, Gussev, from the left flank, dribbles one opponent on the edge of the box and then another one inside. The second one Zahharenkov, tried to chop the ball away. Gussev is too quick for him and as a result it the leg to be hit. 
The penalty is exemplary.

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