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Premium Liiga, Matchday 2: La Moviola

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When in 1917 Iwan Serrurier founded the company Moviola he was probably not aware that the noun ´moviola´ would have entered the Italian football fans imagery once and forever.
He couldn´t imagine that hours and hours of football talk shows in Italy and elsewhere, would have been run on watching over and over again fragments of games in order to analyze whether it was a penalty or not, or if the forward was in offside or not.

For the English speaking World ´moviola´ is better known as ´slow motion´ or ´slowmo´.

At 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' we will analyze every week the controversial episodes involving referees' decision on the pitch

Niinepuu has already sweeped the ball with his head when Prosa crushes him - click to enlarge

Flora – Paide 5-0
With a large result already achieved in first half and Flora in solid control of the game, the controversial situations were really little and were mostly solved correctly by the referee, Mr. Kristo Külljastinen.

One episode attracted our attention in first half and it was on 20’ minutes . It is one of the three exits from the box performed by Niinepuu which earned him a foul.

On the second one Prosa would have punished him with the 3-0 (on 29’ minutes).

Luigend sends a long ball into Paide’s half. Prosa is very quick in running towards te ball however, Niinepuu was already out of the box to play as a sweeper. The Paide shot stopper clearly arrived on the ball first. Prosa crushes the 21-year-old Keila born without even having the chance to fight for the ball. Kristo Kõlljastinen fairly whistle a foul in favour of Paide. Right decision as Prosa’s attempt is dangerous.


Alliku is ahead of Kõll, the Paide nr.8 resorts to pull his left shoulder - click to enlarge

On 76’ minutes the referee whistles a foul on the midfield line in favour of Paide. Allegedly, Alliku had committed a fould on Kõll. However, by watching the episode, we can clearly see that it is Kõll pulling Alliku from his shoulder. The free-kick should have been granted to Flora.

With Flora having most of the chances of the game as almost constantly playing in Paide’s half, it was natural that the offsides count would mostly be under their record.

Karol Mets has already pushed Paur from behind - click to enlarge

On 87’ minutes Mr. Külljastinen spared a yellow card to Karol Mets. We were in the dying moments of the game. After a corner kick, Paide were able to break into a counterattack. Flora defence seemed in a difficult situation despite the large score gap. Mets stops the Paide nr.16 with a foul. Being a tactical foul directed at stopping a counterattack situation, the yellow card was due.

FC Infonet – Tammeka 3-0
Three key-episodes to analyse in the debut of Tammeka against Infonet who clinched three technical points last week thanks to Kalju mistake.

The very first episode is the red card shown to Igonen by referee Ainar Kuusk on 25’ minutes when Infonet was leading 1-0.


Quick counter for Tammeka. There was a chance for  open play as Tiirik ran in an hole left by the Infonet defence caught umprepared. Igonen was compelled to come out of the box. Tiirik was quicker on the ball. The Infonet nr.1 must resort to fouling Tammeka nr.4 by stretching is leg wide to make him trip. Clear red card as last-man foul and promising chance avoided. The young Ingonen did not even attempt to complain and left the pitch saddened. A second red card in a row for a last-man foul.

A second episode is when Manucho earned a free-kick from the edge of the box in the last minute of first half. He was able to transform it into a wonderful set-piece goal. Was it really foul?
Mones sent a long ball on the right flank for Lipin who was able to intercept it and move towards the box. Manucho was controlled by Kevin Anderson few meters forward. Lipin had not even hinted at passing him the ball and the Ivorian striker fell theatrically on the edge of the box like if he were torn down by the Tammeka central defender. Looking at the episode, it seems that Anderson put his leg without touching Manucho or just touched him slightly. The fall and how it was produced does not seem proportional to the slight contact.
We have singled out the moment of the ‘contact’, however you can check yourself the video footage here (minute 46:44 of the player).

On the other hand, the foul might have been whistled for Lorenz foul on Lipin trying to go through. If this is the case, then the call is correct.

click to enlarge

In picture one, Lorenz put his leg in front but this does not seem to prevent Manucho’s run and, most of all, he does not touch his feet.
In second picture, Manucho probably feels the slight contact (knee to knee) and opts for falling over. You can notice his feet are already pointing towards the pitch surface, however Lorenz did not touch thos.
If the contact was between the legs, the feet position is quite unnatural and hints at a sketched movement to earn the free-kick.

It was probably simulation and a yellow card for the nr.11.


In the third and last situation, Kassantsjuk (who replaced Igonen in the goal by subbing Aidara) missed a catch on a ball sent into the box from the right flank.
Tiirik was ready to play the ball slipped from the nr.69 hands. He was with his back to the goal, therefore not a clear chance to score a goal. Kassantsjuk could reach the ball with his hands and tried to do it with his feet. As a result he pulled down Tiirik in the box. It was a penalty and a yellow card for the Infonet reserve shot stopper.
It was still 2-0 for Infonet with 10 minutes to time.

Kassantsjuk right foot impacts with Tiirik - click to enlarge

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