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Matchday 26 previews and betting tips

Deni DelevComment

Tallinna FC Infonet - 5/10, 46pts


Tartu JK Tammeka - 7/10, 18 pts

(Friday 22nd August, 19:00)

Infonet (4-2-3-1): It took Infonet a long time to get into the top 4 and 3 rounds ago they even had clear chances of breaking the top 3. However, a run of 3 winless games sent them back to 5th place with low or even no chances to compete for European competition next season. That certainly is a huge blow for the team management that heavily invested in the team but as long as there is a chance they pledge to fight for a better position at the end of the season.

Conceding goals is Infonet’s main problem prior to the Tammeka game, having conceded 30 all season, the worst record in the top half. They can score and it is expected to do so against the improved side of Tammeka. However, if they stand any chance for top 3, they should definitely work on their defensive line.

Coach Pustov doesn’t have any injury concerns, but some of his best players, including Nahk, Harin and Gurtsioglujants are a yellow card away from suspension.

Infonet are a team that usually performs well at home, having suffered only 2 defeats in 12 games in front of the home crowd this season. The match against Tammeka is a very good chance for them to get back on the winning ways and gain some more self-confidence before the final run.

Tartu JK Tammeka (4-2-3-1): It took them 25 matches, but Tammeka are finally on that desired 7th position that gives security and puts less pressure on them. The team of Indrek Koser has gone through many changes this season but he finally seemed to have found the right squad.

18 points in 25 matches is not really something that they can be proud of, but this young team of Tammeka is definitely capable of more and with the right set of mind and proper financing, we can expect to see this team in a different role in the seasons to come.

One interesting fact about Tartu is that 11 out of their 18 points were gathered away from home and the team of Infonet certainly has reasons to worry about. The draw against Flora in the mid-week fixture is another encouraging result and they would certainly like to add to that.

Martin Jõgi and Ivanov have been injured for a long time now and Suurpere is sidelined for this game because of suspension. From the rest of the squad, only Simo Tenno and Rasmus Tauts should be more careful as they are one yellow card away from suspension.


1    1.06
X   11.00
2   22.00

Betting Tip: Both teams are playing attacking football, so goals will certainly come.

Tip: over 3.5
Odds: 1.71


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Nõmme Kalju FC - 3/10, 53pts


Jõhvi FC Lokomotiv - 10/10, 9 pts

(Friday 22nd August, 19:00)


Nõmme Kalju (4-2-3-1): The hot and cold rhythm of Kalju continues. 5 points in their last 4 games is not something they were hoping for and the last draw against Paide seriously damaged their chances for the title.

Even though they play very good defense (conceded only 10 goals all season), goals are hard to get on the other side. With 51 scored, they have the worst record among the top 3 contenders for the title. During the summer transfer season they struck deals with Ahjupera and Nunes to improve this record but apart from Wakui, and to some extent Neemelo, the others are shy in front of the opponent’s goal. Against Jõhvi, coach Prins will definitely push from the very beginning to make sure the goal difference is improved before the last 10 games of the season.

Besides Alan, Sisov and Quintieri, coach Prins doesn’t have other injury concerns. Reginald is the only one with three yellow cards in the team.

The win last weekend against Flora meant that they are back in the title race, but the goal conceded in the dying seconds of the game against Paide opened the wounds again. The match against Jõhvi should be another chance for them to get back on the winning ways and lots of goals can be expected.

Jõhvi FC Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1): 4 points in 2 matches is something that not even the hardest Lokomotiv fans didn’t dream of. With 3 points behind Kalev, their chances for relegation play-off are very much a possibility. Jõhvi are playing interesting football and they definitely won’t come with a white flag to Kadriorg tonight.

The 2-2 draw against Narva was just their 3rd point won away from home, but the way it was won is respectable and proves that no team can be taken for granted anymore. There are 10 rounds left and the players of Jõhvi will try very hard to cause more upsets in their way towards that 9th position.

The new striker Nikulin is in excellent form having scored 3 goals and 2 assists in his first 4 games for the club and after sitting the last game out due to suspension, he will definitely come back hungry to score more.

Zaitsev is the only player unavailable for selection due to suspension, while Kulikov is the only one who should be more cautious as he is one yellow card away from being sidelined.


1    1.16
X   7.10
2   13.20

Betting Tip: Kalju are clear favourites and they won’t leave it late.

Tip: Half-time/full-time 1/1
Odds: 1.59


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Tallinna FC Levadia - 1/10, 57pts


JK Sillamäe Kalev - 4/10, 49 pts

(Saturday 23rd August, 16:00)


Tallinna FC Levadia (4-4-2): Three wins in their last three games enabled the team of Levadia to retain the first place from Flora and now they are in pole position for the title. The match against Sillamäe is most definitely not a naïve one and it can prove to be very important in the title race.

Last week’s 0-7 thrashing of Tallinna Kalev showed just how seriously is Marko Kristal’s team taking every single game. With 10 rounds to go he definitely can’t blame his team for complacency and with the game they are showing, the title defense is within their reach. Both Ivanov and Subbotin scored against Kalev and now they are in a clash who will be the top scorer in the league. The 7 goals were scored by 7 different players which shows that danger comes from everywhere when Levadia is in question.

Coach Kristal doesn’t have many problems with the squad. Jahhimovits and Rättel are the only absentees and only Artjunin is the cautioned one as he is one yellow card away from suspension.

We mentioned before that the title race will be decided in the matches between the top 3 teams, but now that Sillamäe and Infonet also emerged as contenders to break the aforementioned top 3, every match between the top half teams will be very important. One mistake can cost a title and Levadia will definitely make sure such mistake doesn’t occur.

JK Sillamäe Kalev (4-2-3-1): Sillamäe are definitely the hottest team at the moment with 5 wins in a row which brought them to the 4th place, just 3 points behind Kalju Nõmme. The game against Levadia is very important for the team from the eastern part of the country because a win in Tallinn will definitely count them in as a contender for the positions that bring European football next season.

Coach Sergey Frantsev finally picked out the best XI and the 3-0 win against Infonet was just a confirmation of their intentions to attack the top 3 teams. Kabaev is on fire with 20 goals and 6 assists in 23 matches this season, and the other forwards in the team are also very close to double digit goals as well. With 71 scored goals Sillamäe is definitely one of the toughest teams to defend against.

Besides Zahovaiko and Paponov, coach Frantsev doesn’t have any troubles with the squad. Volodin, Kvasov, Sidorenkov and Murikhin, however, should be careful as they are one yellow card away from suspension.

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Tallinna FC Flora - 2/10, 55pts


Paide Linnameeskond - 6/10, 28 pts

(Saturday 23rd August, 19:00)


Tallinna FC Flora (4-2-3-1): From main favourites for the title, four winless games brought the team of Flora in a position to chase after Levadia now. Far from everything being lost, but they are playing under immense pressure now. The absence of European football this season for them was their chance, but the sudden drop of form means they are not in the pole position any longer.

Coach Hurt made few changes in the squad for the match against Tammeka and that meant changes in the playing style as well. Juha was given his second start this season while Mets was commanded to central midfield where he plays in the national team. Beglarishvili and Logua were rested and Gussev and Sappinen didn’t look as sharp as their teammates up front.

Frolov and Baranov are not available for this game due to injuries, while Luigend is suspended. The rest of the squad is available for selection and Rähn, Gussev and Prosa cautioned three times already.

FC Flora are traditionally playing well in front of the home crowd and as they are in desperate need of win, this is their big chance to bring joy to their loyal fans.

Paide Linnameeskond (4-2-3-1): The team from central Estonia have all but secured their Premium Liiga status for the next season with no chances to challenge the top 5. That means that the players of Meelis Rooba are playing without pressure and enjoying their games.

The draw in the last seconds against Kalju almost equals sensation and it was a mark of their good recent form of 4 games without a loss. No one expects them to repeat the same result against Flora, but that doesn’t mean that they will just give the points away. Known for their competitiveness, we can expect to see a good defensive display while waiting for their chances on the counter.

Joel Intermitte and Andre Mägi are the only ones not available for selection, while Kaldoja and Sinilaid are the cautioned ones.


X 10.30
2  16.50

Betting tip: Flora have troubles with sides closing themselves in their half. We expect less than 3 goals.
Under 2.5 - 3.74



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Narva JK Trans - 8/10, 18pts


JK Tallinna Kalev - 9/10, 12 pts

(Saturday 23rd August, 19:00)


Narva JK Trans (4-2-3-1): Despite drawing 3 of their last 4 games, the team of Narva is dropping down on the table. One reason for that is the good form of Tammeka, but also the bad displays of the team from the very east.

Coach Yagudin can’t be very happy with his team. Their top scorer is the center back Nesterovski and they just managed to draw against the bottom side of Lokomotiv in front of their home crowd. Did they manage to accumulate enough points to hold on to that 8th position on the table?

It is not known what is going on with Tamberg and Irie and whether they will be available for selection for this game. Ornat and Sinicins are the ones with three yellow cards and they should be more careful if they want to avoid suspension.

Direct clash with Tallinna Kalev in which the stakes are pretty high. A win almost secure them that 8th position and Premium Liiga games for next season, but a loss will bring them in a situation to fight to avoid relegation play-off.

JK Tallinna Kalev (4-2-3-1): Currently the worst team in the league with 8 losses in a row and coach Zamogilnõi doesn’t seem to have a solution for the sinking ship. With just 17 scored and huge 94 conceded goals it is a miracle how they managed to collect 12 points. If they don’t manage to get more points in the last third of the season, it won’t be surprise to see them being taken over by Lokomotiv.

Since the departure of Belov, Omanidze is the only one scoring for the team from the capital. The team’s performance depends a lot on his performance so a good display in Narva would probably save them from blushes and battle to avoid straight relegation.

Coach Zamogilnõi doesn’t have many troubles with injured players and Omanidze is the only one with three yellow cards.


1     1.26
X   6.06
2   8.08

Betting tip: Kalev can maybe resist for 45' minutes, but it is unlikely will leave Narva with any point. Go for the HT/FT, X/1 paid at 3.44

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