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Matchday 5: roundup, comment and RdS Best XI

Angelo PalmeriComment

Two derbies in a row and few emotions that we can count on the fingers of one hands.
If Kalju-Flora was a 1-1 draw, this time Kalju and Levadia offered a goalless display for what our reporter nicknamed righteously 'the silence of the attackers'


Artjom Artjunin was Levadia's best asset in the 0-0 draw (RdS)

Artjom Artjunin was Levadia's best asset in the 0-0 draw (RdS)

They were indeed the forward lines who went missing during the Saturday afternoon confrontation.

Kalju's Neemelo fough fiercely against one of the best defenders of the Premium Liiga, Artjom Artjunin, however the latter came out as victorious from the duel. The young defender did not conced any space to the experienced striker following him anywhere in the last 20-25 meters. 

The question already rise whether 'The Bison' will be enough for the long season. With Damiano Quintieri sidelined by an injury (end of April) and Vladimir 'Vosko' Voskoboinikov on loan to China (he might return during the summer) Kalju seem short of strikers to help Neemelo up front. Kirss had a good display in Paide scoring a goal and also against Levadia did something good in the mere 10 minutes he was given by Prins.
However, will this 19-year-old striker be enough for Kalju's ambitions?

Artur Rättel was not really happy to be subbed during second half (RdS)

Artur Rättel was not really happy to be subbed during second half (RdS)

When last season the Nõmme side signed 'Vosko' after season start, we immediately hinted at this move as a key one for the season development.

Call it an easy prediction, however 'Vosko' scored 23 goals and graduated as the 2013 topscorer after few tactical issues.
When we hinted at that, 
Prins had still some troubles in working out how to make Vosko and Neemelo compatible (in a 4-4-2) before realizing they weren't and resorting to a rotation that brought a bit of a stir in the relationships with the players.

With Vosko gone, Neemelo has regained his central role in front of the forward, however it seems he will hardly endure for over 40 games.
If Quintieri will recover and be back, Prins' attacking solutions will be certainly more. However the question is whether the Italian will be ready or not. He is working hard to be ready, however the question is over the endurance of his knee once back on the pitch. We all wish him a quick recovery as we usually do with any protagonist suffering from an injury, however Kalju might already think about bringing in some valid alternative to Tarmo Neemelo.

On the other side, Rättel offered an anonymous performance in a key-game and Kristal righteously played his card of replacing him with Buinickij. However, the Lithuanian, did not bring anything more relevant than a bit more of dirty work than the Estonian U-21 in the last quarter of the pitch against Kalju's rocky defence (Teleś risked very little).

In the end, the good old Ingemar Teever was the most dangerous striker even though as much toothless as recently seen.

With Flora surprisingly losing to FC Infonet on Friday evening thanks to a Eduard Golovljov goal (or because of a Karole Mets mistake), the two rivals had the chance to fill in the gap and level with the white-greens.

In the end, as announced, 
the draw is of no use to either of them but a fair result considering the display at Hiiu.

As usual, when two dogs strive for a bone, the third runs away with it. 
The third dog comes from Eastern Estonia and it is Ratnikov's Sillamäe Kalev. Their win in Ahtme against Lokomotiv Jõhvi was apparently easy (1-3) however the 'longshoremen' suffered more than usual against a drop-zone underdog. 
First they squandered several chances to take the lead, which came eventually after more than 30 minutes when Kvasov (second goal this season) put it past Smelkov; then they complicated their life because of Danil Ratnikov. The talented nr.10 scored the 0-2 and had an
 inexplicable celebration using insulting words which grabbed the referee's attention. A double booking that cost Sillamäe to play 35 minutes down to 10 men.
If in the end it did not jeopardize the final result (Murikhin scored the 0-3 and Sillamäe conceded Loko their second seasonal goal with Andrei Jõgi) it will make R
atnikov unavailable for the trip to Paide which might have its own risk.

In fact 'Paidelona' held Narva Trans on a goalless draw for what Trans' coach Bondarenko defined a 'real game of football'.
Can he really be happy to have enjoyed a 0-0 draw against a side supposed to fight in the drop-zone? Let's not forget that Trans ambitions at start of season were to fight for the title. Along with Sillamäe, they are the only side who hasn't lost yet, however 3 draws and a mere win (Narva have Matchday 1 to recover against Tammeka) are very little tally to feed any medal ambitions. 

Prosa increased his tally to 6 and preserved the leading position in the top-scorers table
Flora's first goal came from his header.

Who can really feed ambitions are definitely FC Infonet. In a game where they were opposed to the best team of the Premium Liiga so far, they had an excellent display in first half with attentive and compact defence and deadly counterattacks, yet unseen this season.

Lipin and Manucho hit Flora almost dead at half time whistle. The white-greens came out of a difficult situation thanks to set-pieces situations (something that must have made Puśtov blue).

However, when Eduard 'Lethal Weapon' Golovljov rises from the bench, oppositions shall really start to shake.


Interesting numbers for the 17-year-old striker. He has collected already 5 appearances and 3 goals. He scored all goals coming from the bench (as he's been starting the game from the dug-out in all the 5 occasions). Two of these goals brought FC Infonet 4 of their 10 points. 
Last season he scored 3 during all the season (20 appearances) and was nominated by RdS as best debut of 2013 Premium Liiga. He has the skills to confirm himself and be even more decisive. Puśtov can only giggle.

Goal festival at Kalev artificial pitch, last biggest result for Tammeka was a 9-0
inflicted to FC Ajax Lasnamäe in 2011

First three points for Tammeka and against a direct rival like Kalev. Generally, the Tartuvians look much better off than Kalev and can certainly reach safety earlier this season by competing with Kalev themselves and Lokomotiv Jõhvi and keeping Paide in the radar.