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Premium Liiga, Matchday 6: la moviola - Tallinn 'El Clasico' special

Angelo PalmeriComment

Another derby and another focus for our ‘moviola’.

A lot of work for Roomer Tarajev who had to show his yellow card 7 times during the ‘El Clasico’ 90’.


Levadia – Flora 1-1

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Match report from Deni Delev here 

31’ Jürgenson

Nothing to argue here as Jürgenson challenge with joint feet against Podholjuzin is the classical ‘orange card’. Tarajev showed a yellow card, however the foul was the classical challenge borderline with red.

40’ Baranov

El-Hussieny is quicker than Baranov and is about to enter in the box from the left side. The Flora’s nr.22 can only resort to pull the Egyptian down to avoid the worse. Fair yellow card as Baranov gives up on playing the ball and thinks only how to stop El-Hussieny whose skills put the right full back in embarrass.

52’ Vukobratovic

Levadia loses a ball in Flora’s half. The white-greens are fast in restarting the counterattack. The offensive action comes from Levadia’s left side were Artur Pikk was left behind. Vukobratovic is compelled to close on that side running behind Albert Prosa. Once the Premium Liiga topscorer is out of reach, the Serbo-Croatian defensive midfielder trips him. Being a promising attack, the yellow card is fair against Vukobratovic unreasonable claims.

60’ Rähn

Aerial duel between Taavi Rähn and Ingemar Teever. The latter is victim of a nasty elbowing from the Flora nr.24. Fair booking.

69’ Kulinits

Levadia’s right full back opposes Frolov with a challenging tackle. According to the pictures, it seems that Kulinits challenge is fair. He is the first to touch the ball, Frolov foot does not even start to go for the ball. When he tries, he already finds Kulinits foot there. Both the whistle and the following yellow seem an exaggerated punishment. What probably impressed Tarajev was the impetuosity of Kulinits challenge as he tried to fill the gap from the ball with a leap that made the challenge look reckless.

79’ Post

Sander Post replaced Irakli Logua in second half. Almost ten minutes to time he is shown a yellow card for using his hand against a defender. Unfortunately ETV picture delays in showing a replay of a off-target attempt by Igor Subbotin and we miss the moment when the foul is committed.


81’ Rättel

Last card of the match is shown to Artur Rättel. Quick counterattack by Levadia, however Tarajev stops it for El-Hussieny’s offside. Rättel does not agree and presents his claim to the referee who books him for protest. Mr. Tarajev is very sensitive in not allowing the player to let themselves go to protest and uses the same parameter used in Kalju-Flora derby when he booked Beglarishvili claiming a penalty.

However, the most controversial episode of the game is Alliku’s goal (5’).

In the developments of a corner kick, Alliku finds the right drive from short distance. Śmiśko is reacting in stopping the ball however in bounces on the other side of the goal line. Having a box assistant there it is the 99,9% of certainty that the ball did cross the line. If we really want to take a look at the episode, the replay seems to assure Alliku’s goal was legal as the ball bounces within the goal line.