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Matchday 4: roundup, comment and RdS Best XI

Angelo PalmeriComment
The penalty situation as well depicted by Catherine Kõrtsmik for FC Flora website

The penalty situation as well depicted by Catherine Kõrtsmik for FC Flora website

The weekend brought us the emotions of the Derby or, better to say, the tensions of a city clash.

The final result was overall fair and we have deeply analysed why it really was.

It is worth to spend few words for the great atmosphere (1226 people!).
Hiiu Stadium is really Nõmme Kalju’s home. Both the team and the fans ‘feel’ the sacrality of the ground and each game is a battle. The same ground that has seen Kalju rising from the darkness of the lower leagues to the top-flight. It will not be easy for Levadia to play on Saturday for the second city challenge in a row.

Flora have fully passed the exam.

The best chances were on their side and they can also claim a penalty not assigned by Tarajev. Hurt has shown tactical flexibility (even if a bit too late during the game) meaning that Flora, contrary to last season, will not just wait to be rolled down and expect the end of the game as soon as the referee whistles. The intention to fight until the end repeatedly declared to press and fans is real and it seems to be the glue of the squad. Even if they lost their first points, they gained a lot in terms of self-confidence in their possibilities.

A last-second draw against a title challenger is more morale-boosting than a large win with a minnow.

Teles, great protagonist of our Best XI (Catherine Kõrtsmik/FC Flora)

Teles, great protagonist of our Best XI (Catherine Kõrtsmik/FC Flora)

Kalju had the chance to cancel the gap due to the technical defeat as the win would have lined them up with Flora at nine points. Instead, thanks to Sillamäe surprising draw against Narva, the ‘florakad’ can keep the head of the table and enjoy the next Kalju-Levadia from a favourable position.

Obviously, the challenge against FC Infonet will need the same care as in the game against Kalju. Puśtov side is back from another unconvincing performance against Paide Linnameeskond.

The experiment to move Manucho on the left flank failed as the 50-years-old coach is trying to find space for all his offensive potential and especially for the new hire, Kassim Aidara, still not totally integrated into the pre-existing system. The 4-3-3 with Lipin in the midfield line is depressing the qualities of the nr.20 who would actually feature very well up front in the same formation.

Puśtov will have to work something out before next Friday.

First win this season for Kalev Tallinn. After the ‘sauna’ on the home pitch transformed into an ice rink, the ‘kalevipojad’ have managed to pull out the three points against Lokomotiv Jõhvi. The goalscorer, Andrei Belov, hit the headlines during the season break for having few training sessions with FC Anzhi Makhachkala.

Loko now are lagging at the bottom of the Premium Liiga due to goal difference as Tammeka -8 is better than the -9 balance of the newly promoted.

Tammeka loss against Levadia was quite honourable considering that all goals came in first half and they were just two. Once and again, for the third game in a row, the Tartuvians have suffered a goal in the opening minutes. It is really an issue.

Notwithstanding a more solid performance against Levadia, they have collected zero points opposed to the 4 Kalev has already managed to grab.

In the light of that, the clash at Kalev sport complex during the weekend it is already looming as ‘decisive’ for the rest of the season.

Out of five games, there were three draws.

Last season it happened only once, on matchday 5: Levadia-Sillamäe 0-0, Trans-Kalev 1-1 and Kuressaare-Tammeka 0-0 
Out of those 6 teams, only three have been involved during the last matchday (Sillamäe, Trans and Kalev).