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Has Frank Liivak played against a 42-years-old???

Angelo PalmeriComment

This is not a ‘Circus Barnum’ announcement.

However the chance that Frank Liivak might have played against a 42-years-old without ever leaving the U-20 environment is more than real.

Some days ago we offered RdS readers an exclusive video of Frank’s game against SS Lazio Primavera.

Minala with Balotelli's ex girlfriend, showgirl Raffaella Fico (click to enlarge)

The Lazio side are Campioni d’Italia and one of the strongest academy.

During the commentary that we ran, we drew your attention on a young (?) prospect, Joseph Marie Minala.

The promising talent from Camerun was chased by many clubs and Lazio managed to sign him first.

Last Sunday, he was brought by Edy Reja, Lazio’s coach, on the bench for the Rome Derby. Not bad for a 17-years-old.

However, is he really that young?

One of his pictures started a never-seen-before banter around a young player. At least, nothing to do with his skills which are said to be promising for a player in such young age.

Many Lazio fans were questioning themselves in the forums and social networks: is he really 17?

The buzz went so big that Lazio officials had themselves to deny any allegation that Joseph were older than his age.
He’s born on the 24th of August 1996, which makes him 17, 18 in August 2014. And that’s it, cut short the Lazio staff.

Minala story of his arrival in Rome and how he started playing was pulled out with officials from his previous club swearing about his age.

Minala in action against Inter Primavera 

Minala in action against Inter Primavera 

All solved? Not at all!
To thicken the mystery, an interview from Minala given to an African news portal re-open the case and put off the words from the Lazio staff:
I will be 42 next August’  boom! ‘I have signed immediately a contract with Lazio so I could start to send money to my family in Camerun. I wish Lazio will keep me

Well, definitely not at U-20 level.

Is he going to break the record for the oldest debutant in Serie A?

Update: in the evening of 12th of February, SS Lazio website released a press statement claiming that all allegations by the African webportal, they were untrue including Minala's words. The club is threatening legal actions.