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Premium Liiga, Matchday 9: la moviola

Angelo PalmeriComment

Flora – Sillamäe 1-1

The big match was assigned to Kristo Tohver at 230th game in Premium Liiga. Contrary to a previous clash in which the Estonian international referee showed 11 yellow cards (record for Premium Liiga), this time the game seemed to be quieter as Tohver booked only 3 men and all from Sillamäe: Ratnikov, Tjapkin and Mashichev.

Before checking whether the cards were correct or not, Flora complained in first half for an handball by Maehara in the penalty box. Were complains justified?


There’s a long ball sent in by Luigend in the box. Lavrentjev comes out to clear, however the clearance is not precise and the ball is back into play in the box. Prosa goes for it without reaching, Maehara tried to heads it away but is rebounced by Kabaev. Maehara finds the ball back into his control for a second before it bounces back to Kabaev. Another bounce and it seems that Maehara cannot avoid the ball getting too close to his arms.

The impression is that the ball is controlled both with his chest and arms.

Tohver is in the ideal position, on the edge of the box.

However, his visual might be covered by Luigend.

You can see that he is trying to move to gain a better position (picture below), however it might be that he has  missed the key-moment when Maehara controlled the ball with the arms.

It was a confused situation, not easy to be read. If we take into consideration what happened last week there’s not been a uniform judgement. In the specific case, the ball bounces on Maehara chest, however it looks like his arms are moving towards the ball, not viceversa.

Probably if Tohver’s visual was clearer, he could have assigned a penalty.

Coming to the cards, they were all fair decisions: two challenges from behind (Ratnikov and Tjapkin) and Mashichev holding Luigend who dribbled past him.

There’s probably an additional card missing for Sillamäe for a foul committed by Volkov on Beglarishvili. The Sillamäe nr.15 entered the pitch in place of Kvasov.

As you can see from the clear picture by Teet Malsroos/Õ Volkov is holding Begla who will fall on the ground. Tohver stops the game assigning a free kick to Flora, however he should have cautioned the Sillamäe striker from the double team.

Levadia – Narva Trans 1-0

After the harsh criticism last week from Bondarenko that cost him a 100€ fine (it does not seem much, however it is well proportioned to an average football salary in the country), the Estonian FA sent the top referee to Kadriorg for the Saturday evening clash: Hannes Kaasik.

Irie (right) controlling Rättel. The Ivorian midfielder is cautioned for next game (Getrud Alatare/Narva Trans Facebook)

Irie (right) controlling Rättel. The Ivorian midfielder is cautioned for next game (Getrud Alatare/Narva Trans Facebook)

5 cards shown by the Estonian international referee, 1 to Levadia and 4 to Trans.

The first one to be booked is Irie (23’) for a reckless challenge on El Hussieny. The Ivorian midfielder claims it’s his first foul, however Kaasik is adamant in showing his his third seasonal card which seems quite fair.

Nine minutes later is Lepmets to enter the referee’s notepad. Buinickij commits a foul on him in an aerial challenge. Kaasik assigns a free-kick to Trans, however Lepmets had a reaction at the Lithuanian striker. Kaasik correctly sanctions the behavior with a yellow card.

Kaasik reprimand at Lepmets (left) and Buinickij. The former will collect a card for his reaction (Gertrud Alatare/Narva Trans Facebook)

Kaasik reprimand at Lepmets (left) and Buinickij. The former will collect a card for his reaction (Gertrud Alatare/Narva Trans Facebook)

On 59’ minute, Sheviakov use his arms to sink Subbotin in aerial challenge, also this yellow card is fair from the 35-year-old referee. Later on, Subbotin himself, gets the only booking for Levadia as he trips Sheviakov in return.

The last card by Kaasik is shown to Tanel Tamberg for a reckless challenge on Artur Pikk.

Great direction by Kaasik who had the game always under control.

Paide Linnameeskond – Lokomotiv Jõhvi 3-0

For the clash in central Estonia directed by last week controversial Roomer Tarajev, we have chosen to analyze the episode of the penalty that opened the way to the goal for Paide.

On 24’ minute a long ball is sent into the box from free-kick. The ball is headed from the edge of the box inside where Ervin Kõll is ready to go on a one-on-one with Smelkov. The Loko’s goalkeeper’s exit is quite quick and according to the footage (you can check the video yourself at 00:13) he is the first to arrive on the ball.

However the tackle is quite clumsy and reckless, reason that probably moves Tarajev to assign a correct penalty.

What we don’t understand here is why he does not show a red card to the Loko goalkeeper.

Smelkov is clearly the last man standing between Kõll and the goal.

Was Tarajev somehow excusing Smelkov last-man foul for reaching somehow the ball?

However, the last-man standing rule does not provide any exceptions as such. It is quite a strict rule and questioned several times about its fairness, however, until changed, it needs to be applied to the letter.

Tarajev opts for a questionable midway solution.