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Premium Liiga, Matchday 3: La Moviola

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When in 1917 Iwan Serrurier founded the company Moviola he was probably not aware that the noun ´moviola´ would have entered the Italian football fans imagery once and forever.
He couldn´t imagine that hours and hours of football talk shows in Italy and elsewhere, would have been run on watching over and over again fragments of games in order to analyze whether it was a penalty or not, or if the forward was in offside or not.

For the English speaking World ´moviola´ is better known as ´slow motion´ or ´slowmo´.

At 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' we will analyze every week the controversial episodes involving referees' decision on the pitch

What foul? - click to enlarge

Narva Trans – Lokomotiv Jõhvi 5-0
Loko’s resistance in Kalev-FAMA stadium lasted for 35 minutes until Siim Tenno scored his first goal for the Ida-Viirumaa club.

Eight minutes later, Trans made 2-0 thanks to a penalty assigned by Juri Frischer.

What did Mr Frischer see there?

On a long ball sent from the midfield line, Loko defender Valeri Kurlõtskin was fighting in the box with Trans striker Eliseenok. When the ball was mid-air, Kurlõtskin was ahead of Eliseenok. Consequently, the nr.4 reached the ball first and chested it down. Elisenook ended his run falling but it looked more like someone unable to pull the brake rather than someone pulled down.
Looking at the replay several times (footage here minute 44:35) we don’t see anything that should rise concern about Kurlõtskin behaviour. He goes for the ball, he is ahead of Eliseenok and the latter cannot catch up.
Kurlõtskin was booked for this foul.


Flora – Tammeka 3-0
(match report here)

The most controversial episode is the one that involved Georgi Ivanov (stepped on the pitch in second half for Paju), Taavi Rähn and Markus Jürgenson, both victims of his nervous reaction.

On a long ball, Taavi Rähn was physically overwhelming. Upon falling, the two end up hitting each other with Rähn falling on Ivanov, unable to free himself from Rähn’s legs. The young striker got upset and pushed Rähn legs violently away. Jürgenson, upon witnessing the scene, went for confrontation with Ivanov before he could stand up. Ivanov did not appreciate Jürgenson interest in the issue and fired back with an elbow-punch.

According to the video replay (see above), Jürgenson seemed to emphasize the fall.
However, the violent gesture from Ivanov should be sanctioned with a red card as directed both at Rähn and Jürgenson.

More inexplicably, referee Martin Salong witnessed everything (from the picture - click to enlarge - you can see he is turned towards the ‘crime scene’) however opted to let the action go on until Luigend committed a foul and was booked.

It could have been a key-episode as on the developments of the free-kick, Tammeka had their only chance to score (it was 1-0 for Flora on 70 minutes).


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Kalev – Levadia 0-8 
(match report here)

The only episode to analyse in this disgraceful game for Kalev, it is the penalty assigned to Levadia and transformed by El-Hussieny, first goal in Estonia followed by a brace.

The penalty is assigned for a handball in the box.

As you can see from the picture (not very clear due to the weather conditions) the Kalev’s defender arm stops the ball played by Teever. Probably an involuntary gesture, however the referee is well positioned to spot the foul and assign the penalty correctly.


Paide – Kalju 0-6
When Reinsoo was sent off (36’) Kalju were already three nil up. Nonetheless, we will check the two circumstances that pushed Eiko Saar to first book and then send off the red-blue nr.25

13’ – Reinsoo and Wakui are shoulder to shoulder fighting for a ball in the air. At normal speed we could not catch Reinsoo elbowing Wakui. After several replays, we can clear see how Reinsoo elbow is well above Wakui shoulder and hits his face (click picture to enlarge). Good call by Saar.


36’ – Reinsoo must have a problem in controlling his left arm as twenty-three minutes later, while running alongside Reginald, he decides to get rid of the French midfielder with the same arm that hit Wakui by using his hand to hit Reginald's face. A second booking and the red card are legitimate.

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