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Premium Liiga, Matchday 4: la moviola - Derby special

Angelo PalmeriComment

When in 1917 Iwan Serrurier founded the company Moviola he was probably not aware that the noun ´moviola´ would have entered the Italian football fans imagery once and forever.
He couldn´t imagine that hours and hours of football talk shows in Italy and elsewhere, would have been run on watching over and over again fragments of games in order to analyze whether it was a penalty or not, or if the forward was in offside or not.

For the English speaking World ´moviola´ is better known as ´slow motion´ or ´slowmo´.

At 'Rumori di Spogliatoio' we will analyze every week the controversial episodes involving referees' decision on the pitch

Not a clear picture to judge - click to enlarge

Nõmme Kalju – FC Flora 1-1

As any respectable Derby, also Kalju-Flora had his controversial moments to analyze.
First of all we will start from the five yellow cards shown by Roomer Tarajev, Estonian ref with an average of 4 cards per game

37’ – Beglarishvili
The Georgian nr.7 produces danger on the edge of the box. First he gets rid of Bärengrub and then he sends a through ball to Alliku. According to his reading, Reintam deflected the ball with a hand. Tarajev has not the same opinion. The prolonged protest earns Begla a yellow card which is fair when a player insists on protesting with the official. Beglarishvili is usually a very quiet and polite player (in season 2012 he earned only 2 yellow cards and a red one).
Had he reason to be upset? 

Reintam's arm sticks to the body as he turns his waist - click to enlarge

The live picture is not clear as Vunk covers Reintam. On the replay, the impression is that Reintam’s arm is sticking to the body as he turns his waist to cover the space. We would say that Tarajev call was fair.

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53’ – Mets
Kimbaloula progresses upfield with his typical speed and quick pace. He dribbles Mets who can only resort to tackle his run forward. Correct decision.

Wakui grabs Begla's foot - click to enlarge

Wakui grabs Begla's foot - click to enlarge

70’ – Wakui
As the game gets in the final 15-20 minutes, Tarajev is compelled to stop the game several times. Beglarishvili I moved upwards as trequartista behind Prosa and this concerns Kalju as the opposite trequartista, Wakui, drops down to help the defensive line. Kalju loses a ball on midfield line with Begla ready to attack the space. He is much faster than the Japanese Wizard compelled to fouling him in the same fashion as Mets did with Kimbaloula.

Quite dangerous challenge from Gussev

Quite dangerous challenge from Gussev

75’ – Gussev
Maksim Gussev replaced Irakli Logua on 58’ minutes. Seventeen minutes later, in the attempt to tackle Fabio Prates, his sliding tackle is deemed dangerous by Tarajev and sanctioned with a booking. The decision is fair as Gussev’s right foot is well high on Prates shooting foot and could have injured him.

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88’ – Reintam
Another good call for Tarajev, Reintam’s challenge on Prosa is impetuous. 

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If all was good under the bookings point of view, Flora appealed for a penalty when Bärengrub assumingly pulled down Prosa in the box in second half (75’).

Regrettably, ETV did not provide a replay of the episode.

We had to cut the live footage and run it several times to spot the contact between Bärengrub’s leg and Prosa’s one. However, at a normal speed, the feeling was already pending for a penalty to be assigned.

Flora’s protest was legitimate.

The reader can check the video himself (see below) however in this screenshot, you can see that the ball (pointed by the arrow) has already gone past Bärengrub already on the ground sliding for the tackle.

Prosa is very quick and has already touched the ball.

Bärengrub finds Prosa’s leg and not the ball. Proof of that is that the ball is not stopped by Bärengrub but continues its run within the box.
An element that could have helped Tarajev to decide.
In this episode, he was too far from the box.