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Comment: a parent voice from Martin Reim Jalgpallikool

Angelo PalmeriComment

Following our engagement with the topic concernig the Estonian Tax & Customs Board (hence T&CB) to demand a pricey bill to Martin Reim and his football academy (hence, MRJK - all story here). 
One parent of the many children attending the MRJK has contacted has to share his thoughts and worries about. A parent, like many, who is concerned about the future feasibility of sending his 13-years-old kid to football training.

How many of these children will manage to keep going to training? (

How many of these children will manage to keep going to training? (

Obviously, I consider such decisions by T&CB negatively.

Considering that the State support for young people practicing sports is already minimal, then the T&CB, as part of this State, could still take into account what are the MRJK objectives.

MRJK is not a profit-seeking enterprise, but a sports school whose goal is to grow and develop our children who want to play sports.

MRJK school has done a lot of good things during the past eight years of activity in the development of youth football.

In addition to the usual trainings, they have participated in international tournaments in Finland, Sweden, Latvia not to mention the several tournaments all over Estonia over several decades and the fact that we have managed to get several medal places.

All those trips, plus football kits and all the related costs, they are on the parents’ shoulders and the amounts are not that small.

"Thanks" to the T&CB decision, training monthly fee has already risen by a third.

The consequences are that some parents might be put into a situation where it is not possible to finance the training costs any longer.

The State should find resources to support youth sports, not punishing those who are willing and able to develop our young people, who, in the future, would be worthy representatives of the Estonian State.

My son already joined one of the first groups opened by Martin Reim in kindergartens.
Now, he is invited to join one of the youth national team selections.

T&CB decision to expect MRJK to pay a € 18,000 fine put the academy in a very difficult decision.
How can MRJK handle this, I do not know how to answer now.

On the 27th of March, we will have a joint meeting with academy coaches, children and parents from the two main groups.

We will discuss the current problems and future perspectives.

A MRJK parent