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Narva Trans: double team achievement cancelled by club's mishandling

Angelo PalmeriComment

The four players that could have not be fielded in the 'Small Cup' - click to enlarge (

The 'Väike Karikas' ('Small Cup') it is a national cup competition reserved to amateur clubs.
Namely IIndIIIrd and IVth league (4th, 5th and 6th tiers of the Estonian football pyramid) are entitled to take part into the knock-out competition.

According to the rules, only amateur players registered in the clubs beloging to the two tiers can be fielded.

Usually many of these clubs are double teams of upper tiers clubs.

It's the case of Narva Trans II (6th tier), obviously the double team of Premium Liiga side Narva Trans.
If normally any player from the first team could play in the double during the regular season, access to the second team is barred for this dedicated cup competition. 

Skinjov, 18-year-old striker, scored 3 goals in 21 appearances in Premium Liiga last season (

Skinjov, 18-year-old striker, scored 3 goals in 21 appearances in Premium Liiga last season (

A rule that the border-city club completely forgot sending German-Guri Lvov (MF, 2 appearances in Premium Liiga), Nikita Tokajtchuk (GK, 2) Tanel Tamberg (MF, 2) and Artjom Skinjov (CF, 4) to play the tie that took place on the 6th of April against IAFA Estonia (5th tier).

As a consequence, the Narva Trans II win was annulled and IAFA Estonia passed onto the next round (1/32 of finals).

We reached Andrei Petrov, founder of IAFA (amateur tournaments league and at the basis of IIIrd League side IAFA Estonia): 'I am not sure who found this out' told IAFA organizer to RdS 'the only thing I can say it's that they totally outplayed us and now I can even understand why. To be utterly honest, we did not bother to check their lists after the game to find something wrong'.

Somehow the mistake surfaced.
The players will not undergo any punishment for the club's mishandling (as it happened in the Andre Järva's case at Nõmme Kalju)