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Baltic phenomenons: Nedas Ceplinskas from Dainava Alytus (Lithuania)

Angelo PalmeriComment

If we thought only goalkeepers had the exclusive label of 'phenomenon', well, we were wrong.

Nedas Ceplinskas, 18-year-old midfielder of Dainava Alytus (Lithuania) has hit the goal three times in two games. However not the oppositions' ones, but his own.

He has a good technique as he managed to hit three times in three different ways.

His club is owned by an Italian and coached by former USSR legend and Juventus player, Sergey Alejnikov. Dainva Alytus is lagging behind in Lithuanian A-Lyga, 0 points in 11 games and a goal difference of -61!

They have scored only one goal and suffered 62, 5,6 per game!

Here the video of his feats.